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  1. hello everyone, wildly sorry that some of the positions without a photo, at the expense of memory, I attached a screen with tm5. now the stand is sold. if necessary, I will ask a friend to collect it, and run it again on the same settings. I will post photos of other positions a little later.
  2. 1) Galax Hof binned 4533cl17-19cr1 stable but radiator Bitspower 150$ 2) Galax Hof 4000c19 not binned 130$ All a0/a0 sticks 3) Gigabyte x58a-oc full set not use ln2 + 5650 not binned 200$ 4) Asus AquaTank GTX8800 with watercool only card https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/asus-8800-gtx-aquatank.b625 300$
  3. but for me, the overclock will die soon enough, as more and more stones and restrictions are imposed by manufacturers. In addition, for normal results, selected components are required. Which price is space. As for attracting users, we must actively work with vendors. But I think the vendors are no longer interested. Since components for acceleration take 3.5 cripples. Serve everyone rgb now and that would be more. Even on such mothers as apex, gene there is RBG, although for me it did not give up there at all.
  4. Good afternoon, why was my result banned? https://hwbot.org/submission/4125556_qef_3dmark06_geforce_gtx_980_ti_75587_marks?lang=en
  5. qef

    AMD TWKR 42

    Search CPU in name topic
  6. User hwbot.org/user/hannibal.lekter in Extream League
  7. My First Run on X299 Platform.Thanks 2 MSI, Evo PC, and Team Russia Camrads-Smoke, Atheros, Traktor. CPU are NOT Delid. I am Happy!
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