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  1. EK Water Blocks Parts Ways with Top Management

    I am still confused about this seems mainly difference of vision between Owner and C-suite team.
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  3. Insulation mattress for Extreme OC

    The schematics are still in progress, but not much left to have a solution to prototype. Been hectic the past few weeks and months tbh. There are a LOT of data missing for X299 / LGA 2066 and X399 Intel 1151 / 1155 / 1556 / 1550 sockets : Older Intel Sockets : LGA 775 / s478 AMD Sockets (purple = FT1 / light green = X399 / rest is AM3/AM4 )
  4. Open Benchtable (BC1) Owner's Club

    Could you and @Massman check as you claim both to have #3
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  6. The crew is back from Moscow after an intense night at the Performance Matters event, just quick enough to drop you the replays of the Multicore Madness Moscow with Wizerty, Benchbros and Smoke. What a night ! It started with a discussion between OverClocking-TV's host @Trouffman*and two special guests co-host : The one and only crazy-haired Buildzoid*and the equally opposite crazy-bearded Dr. Beardasaurus aka Houston. You were in numbers to join the live and the different chat (Twitch OCTV Channel & OCTV Facebook Page) and follow the expert commentaries, revisiting the Cinebench R11.5 score evolution over the past 17 years and discussing the 14, 16, 18 cores Intel CPUs and hardware used. Wizerty, best overclocker in France, focused on the Intel Core i9-7940X, a 14 core CPU, achieving a whooping 5.4 Ghz stable for Cinebench R11.5 and XTU just a few hours after touching that hardware for the first time. He did not wait long to open-up the CPU with his own delid-tool. Despite 3 hours of multicore madness and an enormous lack of sleep,*Wizerty*took the time to share his experience playing with the Intel Core i9-7980XE*for the first time. BenchBros, pushed the 16 cores of his Intel Core i9-7960X*past 5.3 Ghz then higher during the night using a the Rampage VI APEX for the first time as he pointed in his interview. Smoke, managed to pushed the Intel Core i9 7980XE*past 5.7ghz with the power of the SEASONIC Prime 1200W PSU and the help of countless of quantity of liquid nitrogen. The number one overclocker in Russia was the star of the night with the country's hardware media lining up for questions and expectations. As a personal note, I enjoyed every bit of that event, from putting on the stream on both side as director and host, in collaborating with a multi-cultural team with the local crew, Buildzoid and Houston. Everyone involved at his level to make this live show a success. We even had the chance to get Jeff The Turle, the iconic OverClocking-TV mascot on the live set, can you find it ? Thank you to all the viewers that tuned in for the live coverage, HWBOT for putting out such event and all the crew that prevented Murphy's law from interacting with the show! Great job all Keep Pushing It Source : OverClocking-TV
  7. Do I need to say more ? How to make it ? - Get an IKEA LED kit ( or any kit online ) - Strap the LED strip below the table ( quick and dirty is not recommended ) - On the final version, better use a U shaped Aluminum bar with the strip in there and fix it underneath Disclaimer : This is NOT a real feature, it is here just for fun. Please see the Open Benchtable FAQ for more information.
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to try something out with the Open Benchtable BC1 (Prototype) : Colors. As you know, the Aluminium looks is extremely sexy and I love it some people asked for extra colors and we brought Red and Black to the market. Now can we do something else ? Disclaimer : This is just for fun project, I actually have no idea how the paint will peel off or anything, please don`t do this on your retail version You will need : - Some time - An outdoor space - Plasti Dip in the color of your choice - An awesome Open Benchtable BC1 ( available here : Home - Open Benchtable ) How to do it ? Basically spray one thin layer of plasti dip on the entire Open Benchtable. Let dry ( for me 30 min outdoor in the sun was enough to apply the next layer. Apply next layer Let dry Repeat. Tips : As the Aluminum is anodized, the plasti dip will most likely NOT stick to it the first time. Don't spray more as this will create an uneven surface later on with other layers. Unmounting the Feet will give you a better result for the paint but the screw will be visibiles. Do not over spray or over apply ( especially on the holes ). As the surface is quite shiny the plasti dip will flow downward - I got better result when I applied this on the top flat surface ( Up side down won't work well ) How to remove ? I removed the plasti dip 3 days ago and it peeled off really easily, the only part that are tricky are the holes in which you can still have residues of the plastidip. How does it look ? I do not have the pictures anymore (were on the old forum...) I recommend adding a layer of varnish for a better render. Now you can basically have any color you want...
  9. Original content : https://openbenchtable.com/community/3d-print-sfx-atx-power-supply-adapter/ Following a discussion on the OC show from OverClocking-TV, Jaffers and Trouffman worked their magic to create this 3D-printable SFX to ATX power supply adapted for the open benchtable. This adapter mounts on the back of the benchtable where the ATX PSU sits and allows you do adapt and mound a smaller form-factor SFX power supply. I tried the v1 of this adapter and it works! But it would need some additonal modifications to be fully adapted to the Benchtable. Video of building the adapter :
  10. Community Project page & 3D Print files Hey guys, @Xyala wanted to try to 3D print brackets to see how that was possible and if it worked well Video of the fabrication timelapse. Total making time is actually quite short. 7min. We ran the 3D printer slower as it had some issues with the full speed ^^ So took me about 10 min per piece. The final pieces are fairly solid, I tried to break one between my fingers and ... impossible. Since we will be adding the source file of the website next week, this will be going to the first projects posted on there and anyone that want to make these as spares for his table can. Some pictures :
  11. Trying to get a glimpse of all the reviews that where published about the Open Benchtable. Find one that is not in this list, let us know (all language) Open Benchtable Linus Tech Tips Video review DrWeez Video unboxing & mounting HotHardware - Open-Source Open-Air PC Building Done Right PC Perspective Video Review - Written review Hardware Canucks Video review OverClocking-TV Video review + Q&A TechMaxTV (German) Video review DavComputerTech Video Review MrTechQC (French) Mounting video & Live Replay We Do Tech Video review Hardware.Info (Dutch) Video review Reviewing Playing & More RPM video mounting Hardware Acquisition Disorder video unboxing MetallicAcid Customs video unboxing Lau Kin Lam Live unboxing Prototype UFDisciple video review OverClocking-TV official prototype launch & show-off OverClocking-TV Interview with design team MrTechQC - Prototype testing Open Benchtable Mini OverClocking-TV Live feedback OBT-Mini Prototype
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