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  1. OCWC 2017 Finalists

    Predict the winner contest: http://tour.hwbot.org/berlin-2017/enter-ocwc-2017-final-predict-winner-contest/ OCWC 2017 Rules: http://tour.hwbot.org/berlin-2017/overclocking-world-championship-final-2017-hardware-structure-and-rules-confirmed/ OCWC Prizes: http://tour.hwbot.org/berlin-2017/overclocking-world-championship-finals-berlin-2017-dates-schedule-cash-prizes-announced/
  2. HWBOT Memebase

    Old thread: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=42868
  3. Every month or so we have a look at how well the overclocking teams adopt Rookie and Novice overclockers at HWBOT. Moving up the ranks this week is ROG Czech OC Guys going from 2nd to 1st since last month. They now have 41 Rookies and 25 Novices enrolled in the team. Dropping down a ranking is the inevitable /r/overclocking with 37 Rookies and 90 Novices. Last on the podium is the ASUS Republic of Gamers community with 33 Rookies and 115 Novices. http://hwbot.org/newsflash/4942_rookie_news_1711_rog_czech_oc_guys_top_rookie_team_yee245_(us)_leading_rookie_league_with_471.80_pts Interestingly, the amount of 'teamless' overclockers active on HWBOT is quite incredible:
  4. Definitely a good video for initiation in the art of overclocking. Cool!
  5. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    Prize is for the winner, updated the text
  6. News from Techpowerup: https://www.techpowerup.com/238828/ek-water-blocks-parts-ways-with-top-management "In what is an unexpected piece of news, TechPowerUp learned from multiple sources both inside and out of the company that EK Water Blocks have had an estrangement from the majority of their top management including their CEO of over four years. This is an extremely important personnel change that can affect the landscape of the PC DIY water cooling market given the brand presence that EKWB has. We contacted said group including Mark Tanko, the CEO, Niko Tivadar, the CTO, and Andrej P. Škraba, the Head of Marketing, who confirmed they are all no longer affiliated with EKWB and they provided a statement seen below. We were also able to confirm this directly from the owner/founder of the company who is currently acting in the CEO role, and who has also provided a statement as seen past the break." Official EK Statement CHANGES IN EKWB: New management and new execution Fast growing company EKWB has new CEO and CTO. Executive powers were taken over by Edvard König, founder and owner, and Matjaz Krc, his business partner from the start, business angel and veteran in turnaround management. The reason behind owners decision was that views on execution of company's vision grew apart and changes were necessary for future growth and adaptation to new and fast market challenges. The company has currently 90 employees, from that 15 people in top and middle management and 7 in R&D. Changes are opening the door for faster execution and more reliable launch of new products which was one of the biggest complaints from the market. Biggest changes are happening in two main areas: R&D and communication. The former needs to improve and that is why it is in revision and development. Regarding R&D we want to point out that the development team is already strong and EKWB is in the middle of its expansion - internally and with external partners - which will considerably accelerate the pace of development of new products. Strict project management will be put in place to manage time plans accordingly. EKWB's main advantage and basis for company's success was always the whole team and this is our core and pride. EKWB is putting a lot of effort in creating environment where the world's top talent can do the best work of their lives. So, what is new at EKWB? At the moment everything goes according to project plans. There will be a lot of new exciting products for our users launched. Let us just share this year's launches, most of them will come already until end of November: Long awaited EK MLC Phoenix is set to launch until 24th of November in a limited edition version. EK-KIT A240R - Fluid Gaming expansion kit with Vega Full Cover water block until end of this month. EK-AC Radeon Vega Fluid Gaming expansion full cover water block EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink Red, Blue, Green, Purple EK-FB ASRock X299 RGB Monoblock (Fits 5 motherboards!) EK-FB GA X399 GAMING RGB Monoblock EK-FB MSI X399 GAMING PRO CARBON RGB Monoblock EK-FB ASRock X399 RGB Monoblock
  7. Vapochill lightspeed software

    Moved to the correct section. Also uploaded @Mr.Scott's file on our download server: https://hwbotdownloads.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/tools/wc1619_vc2019_060215.zip
  8. Welcome to the second season of the Cheapaz Chips contest series here on OC-ESPORTS. Once again we invite all HWBOT members to compete using very affordable hardware. In Season 2, it’s all about pushing NVIDIA’s GT 1030 cards. The idea of the Cheapaz Chips contest is to encourage overclockers to use all of their ingenuity and passion to hardware mod an NVIDIA GT 1030 card for maximum performance. Running from December 15th to January 15th 2018, the contest involves three unique 3D stages. The winner in Season 2 will walk away with a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card. Dates: December 15, 12PM GMT+0 - January 15, 12PM GMT+0 Contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/cheapaz_chips_s2 Stage 1: 3DMark03 a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Stage 2: GPUPI 1B a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Stage 3: Superposition 1080P Xtreme a GeForce GT 1030 videocard a processor running at 5003MHz or less Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig. A verification screenshot is required. Prizes: The highest scoring overclocker wins a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card. In case of a tie, the deciding benchmark is Superposition 1080P Xtreme, then GPUPI 1B, then 3DMark03. Each submission must include a picture of your graphics card in action. The graphics card does not come with international warranty.
  9. Original topic by @deeper_blue VRMtool 0.04 (2016-07-17) To simplify poking around in I2C registers I wrote a simple tool to dump and modify the I2C registers of VRM controllers connected to AMD/ATI cards. This now evolved into a handy tool to control many aspects of supported VRM chips. Currently I only have the RX 480 reference card to test and as such only for the IR3567B the tool is able to interpret and change some of the PMBus commands and I2C registers. Additional information about registers of this and other voltage controller chips are very welcome. Special thanks go to @elmor for helping with the IR3567B PMBus commands. The tool makes intense use of the I2C bus while it is running so you will likely notice microstutters in 3d games/benchmarks. A future version will allow to start/stop live monitoring to allow benchmark runs without needing to close the tool. RX 480 + IR3567B specific support live graphs for temperature, output voltage, output current and input power override VID change voltage offset change output current scaling phase load balancing/gain (move more/less load to PCIe 6pin) enable/disable load line change load line slope change VRM PWM frequency Download: VRMtool004.zip Changelog v0.04 live graphs for temperature, output voltage, output current and input power added controls to override VID, add a voltage offset, change output current scaling, phase load balancing (move more load to PCIe 6pin), load line enable/disable + slope, VRM PWM frequency v0.03 minor bugfixes including not uploading the debug version DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility at all. I can not be held responsible. Everything you do is on your own risk.
  10. HWBOT Country Cup 2017: November 1st to December 23 Each of the six stages of the HWBOT Country Cup 2017 contest has been setup to make the contest as grueling and challenging as possible. Each stage is unique and involves the following: a) a specific benchmark b) a specific number of required submissions from different team members, each using a different CPU or GPU model c) a specific hardware family, model or type d) a specific amount of points e) a specific end date Stage 1: SuperPi 32M 8 Submissions 8 different Intel CPU sub-families 50 points available Overall score average of best 8 Ends December 19th Stage 2: Cinebench R15 5 Submissions 5 different AMD CPUs with different core counts 40 points available Overall score average of best 5 Ends December 20th Stage 3: HWBOT x265 1080p 5 Submissions 5 different Intel LGA1151 CPUs 40 points available Overall score average of best 5 Ends December 21st Stage 4: GPUPI 32B 5 Submissions 5 different single AMD CGN1 (Southern Islands) GPUs 40 points available Overall score average of best 5 Ends December 22nd Stage 5: 3DMark11 Performance 3 Submissions 3 different single AMD GPUs 30 points available Overall score average of best 3 Ends December 22nd Stage 6: 3DMark Time Spy 3 Submissions 3 different GPUs, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1050 and GT 1030 only 30 points available Overall score average of best 3 Ends December 23rd Additional rules: One overclocker can only contribute one score per stage Retail hardware only, engineering samples not allowed Hardware must be launched before the start of the competition General HWBOT rules apply, we rely on the spirit of fair play as well HWBOT reserves the right to reject any entries without further justification Prizes:
  11. New support forum

    We're looking into this, but the migration tool isn't that great so it's pending. Any good content you'd like to have moved, feel free to make a new thread in the right sub-forum
  12. Another quick thread to let you know we've added a link to HWBOT in the main navigation bar. Thanks @bigblock990 for the suggestion
  13. Open Benchtable (BC1) Owner's Club

    Mine was #3, if I'm not mistaken
  14. We published a new guide on Overclocking.guide. Thanks to @sofos1990 for the time and effort. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Link: https://overclocking.guide/gigabyte-z370-overclocking-coffee-lake/ Best result: 5.1GHz with DDR4-4133

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