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  1. I haven't tested for fsb, I bought them to do overcloking, but I don't have the time and patience
  2. 1) KIT AM2: Asus Crosshair Gen 1 + A64 X2 6000+ Windows + A64 X2 4000+ Brisbane - 70 euro Sold
  3. For sale : 1) KIT AM2: Asus Crosshair Gen 1 + A64 X2 6000+ Windows + A64 X2 4000+ Brisbane - 70 euro Mobo with shield + sound card , cpus tray, Never O/C https://valid.x86.fr/r26s12 + https://valid.x86.fr/lpkx88 https://ibb.co/fMtj84P https://ibb.co/BN9Syyw https://ibb.co/yYRVQWc https://ibb.co/Qcgk3c6 https://ibb.co/NxkX0sL https://ibb.co/v1Wmtwb https://ibb.co/V3CMpzT https://ibb.co/GRRYYdv 2) KIT AM2+: Gigabyte 790X-UD3P + Phenom II X4 940 BE & Athlon x2 7750 BE (bonus) - 70 euro Mobo with shield, cpus tray . X2 7750BE (1 year ago it worked without problems, now it doesn't boot, I didn't bother with it) https://valid.x86.fr/jp9gdv https://ibb.co/JqgDbz8 https://ibb.co/vB4fW7M https://ibb.co/GWkM1HC https://ibb.co/dfT6qG3 https://ibb.co/GCDqVTR I bought them to do OC for different competitions where there were platform limitations. But I don't have time for that anymore, I want to make space. Parts in very good condition, used in a daily use computer and for the last 2 years, they've been in boxes+ I am from Romania , money you send on revolut / Western union / Money Gram , shipping not included. Shipping cost for E.U about 30 euro ( 2-3kg parcel)
  4. For Sell: Asus Rampage III Extreme + Xeon X5680 ( Bonus Xeon W3520 + Xeon E5620 + Core i7 920 c0) - 200 EURO Cpu: X5680 is a good one, run 4.9 Ghz Wprime 1024 at 1.535v on watercooling and a lower ambient (old score on rampage 2 extreme) Mobo: is bulk , 100 % functional , With a small crack in the left corner (due to narrow storage space). There are no electrical circuit, it does not affect the operation at all. 95% of the time it was used for daily use Reason for sale: I bought it to replace Rampage 2 Extreme in my collection / SK1366 OC Bundle , but i don't have time for overcloking . I am from Romania , money you send on paypal , revolut or western union, shipping not included (about 25-30 euro for EU) )
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