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  1. Hello. I would like a force recalculate of my porfile please, I HAVE uploaded alot of scores today. alot that beated my own scores 5x in top 20 world. My All points is going up, from 7xx to 1019. and Team points aswell. But my Career is stuck at 582.5 NO matter what I do, even if I delete or add more scores. It even said notting in 2020 rankings, as it dont count my scores or anything... I hope you can help me Thanks
  2. I think I have one of the buggede profils then Since it suck on 582 no matter what I do... Is there a way to force it to update? I see you disable the funktion to update ..
  3. Uploaded the one that did not hide it, thanks for info lol, we was going for like 15 hours +.
  4. Thanks for info, im just wating for zzolio getting home so I can get a other picture as well as other scores Do you know why my Career Ranking points did not get updated after I upload so many new and good scores? Thanks
  5. really nice cpu score. can you post a screenshot with CPU-z? would like to see what your IF is running.
  6. Really nice CPU score! are you running 4.4Ghz all core or some CCX at 4.5/4.6? Did you do any software tweak for ryzen to get this kind of score?
  7. Hello mate, great score!! One top, disable HT on this test, and you will see a higher cpu score ! :)
  8. Hello. I found 2 Scores on 3dmark database, wich is not on Hwbot. The GPU scores sound really high to be right. GTX 960 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14768765 20 702 GPU score GTX 960 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/12189146 13502 GPU score. Higheste on HWbot is 11084 GPU score With LN2.
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