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  1. http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/geforce_9500m_gs this category has 5 or 6 "non profed" results. i've reported, but it wasn`t moderated yet (practically 1 day)
  2. TITUL

    add 9500m gs

    i've found it
  3. TITUL

    add 9500m gs

  4. You have stats for GPU`s and CPU`s, I think lot of members would like to watch motherboard stats, especially max. FSB frequincies. Also you coald add stats of popularity of MB, GPU`s and CPU`s.
  5. http://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=GPU_1196 This category is for (!) AGPx8 (!) videocards, not pci-ex16. Please, solve this problem. Move results into pci-e category of x1650 pro ddr2 P.S. All results for x1650 are mixed up. Try to fix it or clean=)
  6. Can You make new kinds of leagues for cpu? Submit scores of only cpu, using 3dmarks, testing only them and give hwboins like in other tests? I think it is great idea! (and scores of sound tests in 3dmark 03)
  7. My videocard is Radeon 1650 PRO 512mb with AGP, not pcie my result is bad when comparing with oters pcie cards can you make subdivision for AGP and PCIE?
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