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  1. Hello! I have a few old GPUs lying around and i decided to get the soldering iron and blow up some of them I always wanted to learn to overclock GPUs. I started with the Shunt mods, then learned to solder and look at datasheets, but now I found out my worst enemy - over voltage protection I built myself a chiller, however i am unable to use it since this OVP hits me. It hit me on my 770 (managed to hit 1.299 volts MAX) and now I am fighting with this 4870. Can't go over 1.499v. I would really appreciate some experienced old school guys to explain how the OVP works on this thing. (or in general) I was reading the datasheet of the VT1165MF and the NCPsomething of the 770, but i was not able to understand how the over voltage controller circuit manages the maximum threshold. All of the information i find on the internet is old threads with missing photos and i cannot even trace the pins with my multimeter... I have basic electronics knowledge, so do not be afraid to be prompt. Any help would be appreciated, and since i used to run a small GPU refurbishing business - i have a lot of old GPUs laying around - might as well send one out or sell at a really low price as a gift to someone. I plan on pushing this card to the limit and might as well share my experience here Thank you, guys.
  2. I don't mind both, as long as it can overclock a bit on water. What model is the pump, and how much for the PSU?
  3. Hello boys and girls! Happy new year! I need an overclockable mini-itx mobo (possibly a combo) + any other small form factor stuff you might have - like a DDC pump or an SFF PSU... I'd rather buy it from one of you guys, than new or from someone else... I got into case modding and design and I am currently building a small ultra-dense watercooled build, that I plan on stocking up with high TDP parts just to see what happens. I have some oldschool high end OC motherboards: GA-EX58-EXTREME, GA-EP45-EXTREME and an Intel DX58SO I am willing to trade if someone is interested!
  4. GKirev


    It looks beautiful! Are you able to send it to Bulgaria/Sofia? I will cover everything...
  5. I feel skeptical about a bios mod... Does it work like the ATI ones? You get a bios from a higher end card, flash it, and done?
  6. Hello, guys! Hope you are doing well. Recently I bought a 980Ti and I wanted to push it to the limit. However, I did not realize that the card was sandbagged so much by the factory power limit. It's stupid. So... I am aware of the "shunt resistor and liquid metal" power mod, however, since I do not care about the warranty, my plan was to solder 10 ohm variable resistors on top of the shunts. This however, brings up some concerns... Since the shunts are pretty beefy, I am wondering if passing the current through the potentiometer will damage it? I used to do power mods on old cards, but these newer ones look quite tricky to do... Could somebody shed some light on how can I push this card to the limit? Will the potentiometer stuff i mentioned above work? Any help is appreciated... I can provide high resolution photos of the PCB if someone is curious. Thank you.
  7. I managed to go up to 103 mhz on the PCIe ... there is something wrong, i need to investigate. But I reached 223 bclk So I guess it works...
  8. That is the reason I registered here. Thank you very much!
  9. Hello, guys! This is my first post... My name is Georgi, I'm 24 years old and im a hobbyist overclocker. Decided to get into the real world of overclocking by entering my favourite OC website Now about my post... I decided to build myself a water chiller and overclock... But then I bumped into a stop. While I was trying to reach 5ghz on a X5660 Xeon, the motherboard bottlenecked me at 221 "Host Clock Frequency". I am 99% sure it's the motherboard. Why: -> I have isolated the ram and cpu and the mobo crashes at 221-22. -> I did not see an entry with a higher hcf than what I manage to reach. -> I am actively cooling the motherboard with air. -> I am supplying more than enough steady current with a high end power supply. -> I am supplying more than enough voltage (I even maxed out the IOH and QPI/Uncore voltage) -> I am not using the watter chiller yet, I just turn it on to cooldown the water from time to time - no condensation. -> I am using the latest BIOS. -> I have tried different memory and CPU's. Even a new GPU. -> I have been moving my overclock with 4Mhz increments steadily and logged my every attempt untill I hit this wall. I managed to reach 4.71Ghz and hit the wall. -> I hit 4.71 on 221fsb. CPU voltage was as low as possible. I ran ~10 minutes prime95 and one of the cores was stopped due to an error in Prime. I increaced voltage on the CPU first -> same thing. I increaced the voltage of the ram and IOH + QPI/uncore (even maxed them out) - same thing. I eliminated the memory out of the equasion - same thing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So... Does this confirm my dislike towards intel? Did they intentionally cap their extreme series motherboard, to overclock only their "Extreme series" processors? Is the board really that bad as they say it is? Any suggestions are strongly appreciated.
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