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  1. 4475 was the max I got out of it on my aio with 1900 fclk
  2. Yeah you can peel that stuff off pretty easy if you plan to use it daily I would take the LET off at least the VRMs
  3. for sale 3900x and Crosshair VII Impact you can have them separate for $350 each or the pair for $650 US shipping only paypal friends and family CPU and board come with original box and accessories board is covered in liquid electrical tape and ready for cold CPU has no CB or CBB at 1400 fclk results can be found here https://hwbot.org/submission/4448509_shadyreaper_cinebench___r15_ryzen_9_3900x_4286_cb
  4. LMAO glad I got mine when they were still cheap 😂
  5. It's whatever they are using from the apex xi XP thread I'm pretty sure it's XP32
  6. Where you think I got these lol I went there and went through almost all his mem found 4 sticks that would do 12-11 4133 these will do it I think I had the VCCIO/SA voltages too low I only had like 5-6L to do this run with lol
  7. I have another set that will do 12-11 4180 but they are temperamental **nts lol
  8. Free bump for one of my favorite sellers
  9. Shadyreaper


    Any testing done with it?
  10. I like these boards I got one now it's nice to have DDR2 and DDR3 on one mobo
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