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  1. Miracleously, crappy Pentium 2020M works just fine under the same conditions.
  2. Although I logged in before the benchmark run, the program menu Upload (both "upload" and "login" items) remains unaccessible (inactive) after the bench finish. RealBench successfully gathered system info one time (after bench), and failed another time. In both cases Upload menu was inactive (grey). Also, the screenshot button just takes the screenshot and not offer you to upload the result. So sad... What should I do to participate in the competition?
  3. The competition is called >>>ROG<<< OC Showdown, not ROC I know, it rocks but... Fix the title on OC-eSports.io, please!
  4. Please, post a message, when the results check will be completed.
  5. Please, fix point sums and rankings in both Ambient and Extreme categories
  6. Who are in top-5 after all? I see some point sums are not equal to stage points combinations. Btw not only in this (great!) competition.
  7. "The graphics card is limited to GeForce 660GT SLI" Does it even exist? Maybe 6600 GT?
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