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  1. 8x128GB LRDIMMs. Yeah, LRDIMMs timing is bad because of additional buffer chips. But it's a server board, I didn't expect anything more.
  2. No client version given, required version: 0.9.6 ?! Using, submit through the interface.
  3. High DPI: It's one of those things everyone is trying to get right. Perhaps offer two versions of the interface, one that fits nicely into a 4K screen Screenshot: Awesome, thanks Time left/time taken: Also, thanks! CLI: I ask for this in the sense that say I'm testing a bunch of CPUs at stock for a review, and I want to automate the process but still have the results applicable for comparison. So you can disable HWBot submissions with CLI mode, but just so I could get a score out without having to babysit my benchmarking routine. 8K: Do it. Do it. Do it. If you can find an appropriate vi
  4. My input: Doesn't display properly on HiDPI displays - allow for 150% / 200% scaling. The submit 'take a screenshot' takes a long time when running high resolution displays. If you're going to implement a result submission that relies on a checksum, I'd suggested limiting the screenshot to an ALT+PRTSCN application that just captures the benchmark window. Show the time taken to process the benchmark at the end Show the estimated time to complete during the benchmark Allow a command line interface to run the benchmark which screenshots the result, saves the HWBOT file, and quits out aut
  5. Submitted to wrong benchmark. This is a 3DPM-MT score, you subbed to 3DPM-ST
  6. Ticket ID: 1920 Priority: Medium Bascially I need all of these added:\r\n\r\nhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Xeon_microprocessors#Xeon_E5-2xxx_v3_.28dual-processor.29\r\n\r\nAll the way up to the 14/16/18 cores
  7. Wrong benchmark. You ran the multi-threaded version, which is 3DPM-MT. You need to resubmit in the right benchmark.
  8. From https://twitter.com/Sneblot/status/467590789707878400/photo/1 That's Roy Taylor, AMD VP Sales. Francois responded with:
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