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  1. So ti or titan with the same will destroy real ln2 benching for gou if there is a 30-40% better performance and the possibility to reach ~ 2400
  2. now we start to think a few steps smaller there are those very small transistors which always have a temperature peak when they are switched (load) so it needs a a tiny tiny little bit until they are cold and if we increase the V to much those temperature changes are higher so 2 problems with high temperature changes 1 high mechanical load to the core 2 if we are close to 130°C in the middle from the core in a transistor for a part of ns it could be enough time for our energy to kill the CPU and for the frozen pcb there is also a unused gpu, less temperature producing cash, different bus interfaces, and a imc also there is a connection from the head spreader to the pcb from the cpu all together way more square mm then the cores
  3. ryba do you had 2 titan for the competition an tock the better one ?
  4. and there is one with all the empty capacitor spots filed here you can see it
  5. and what's about 2013 it seams like money is changing opinions very fast
  6. why we don't make a cut now and if there are new benchmarks added in future hardware generations DXblue/12 older benchmarks don't achieve hw points but you can still use the hardware for global ranking it will decrease the growing speed from hw bot a bit not directly but when persons start to bench old cards with new platforms. it seams that there are 10 graphic benchmarks which generate points so lets keep this number for hw points ?
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