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  1. DDR3L isn't relevant here, that's just DDR3 at a different voltage. LPDDR3 is different. I cannot stress enough that DDR3L and LPDDR3 are not interchangeable terms! Fundamentally LPDDR3 is not a Low Power version of DDR3. Rather, it is the third version of LPDDR memory, like how we have GDDR memory. This applies to other generations as well, from LPDDR1 to LPDDR5. The biggest difference I'd point to when it comes to LPDDR3 specifically is that the command/address bus is double data rate, as well as the data bus. Regular DDR isn't getting a double data rate cad bus until DDR5. H
  2. I'm surprised you got a xeon to OC properly in that thing. Also, try a different GPU/slot maybe?
  3. I guess now the people asking if it helps to remove memory slots have their answer.
  4. Typo in the memory batch? Presumably should be -10B not -01B. Nice score BTW
  5. "I'm required to list a price but just want offers" GLWS, I'd be interested if it was EU
  6. Yeah, personally I don't think such a trivial thing should be a reason to remove a score that isn't claiming a record or getting a significant amount of globals. No-one would think for a minute the score is in any way cheated/fake. Also frankly it wouldn't surprise me if some of my past scores have the same mistake.
  7. I assume he's looking at the fact that the score isn't visible in cinebench's comparison graph
  8. Hahaha yes, this. I'm in favour of all ycruncher stages but this in particular.
  9. ^this would be brilliant, @keeph8n has a great voice
  10. Protip: The Powercolor 5770 PCS++ with the memory heatsinks on the back has a Volterra VT1165MF controller (not the PCS+ without the heatsinks, that's not volterra, techspot are clowns), documented to have excellent software voltage control. Full datasheet at https://www.rom.by/files/vt1165m.pdf - check page 20 for SVID codes to over 2V and the SMbus registers, hex edited sapphire trixx might do the job though. Have fun with the modding comp guys.
  11. Restrict it to single channel as well so i can be competitive with my half-broken Fatality F-I90HD rather than having to use an nvidia board 🤣 I hate this suggestion but only on an emotional level, not a logical one, which I think means it's actually a good idea. I'm suspicious that it comes 2 hours after I posted a garbage refclk sub with a comment complaining about my new nvidia board though...
  12. Yeah I think that's sensible. I'm a big fan of there being plenty of options, same as how AMD+DDR1+AGP implies you could run a Duron and that's fine. Simpler rules, more people can enter, people can make silly subs for fun, doesn't mess with the 'meta'. Probably a good idea to ban Xeons though because otherwise it'll turn into an all-Dempsey competition. So the stipulations would be: DDR2 only CPUs from the Netburst (Pentium 4, 65nm), Netburst (Pentium 4, 90nm), Netburst (Pentium 4, 130nm) and Netburst (Pentium 4, 180nm) families No Xeons
  13. Apologies, i misread... we can blame @Noxinite instead
  14. Suggestions from the Cheapaz thread that I think could make sense for team cup: s775 pentium 4 (suggestion from @ObscureParadox) s478+AGP 3D (suggestion from @bigblock990) AMD+AGP 3D (suggestion from @Digg_de) s775 pentium 4 would make sense as a DDR2 stage. IMO there's no need to specify socket, just arch - if someone wants to use one of the 478 DDR2 boards with a 915 chipset, good luck to them. I'd like to suggest HWBOT x265 1080p - it should be sub-20 minutes (shorter than superpi 32M and wprime 1024M on this platform), and while it's beneficial to get the right CPU
  15. Be interesting to see what 8Gbit D-die does on a chip from either team with a better memory controller, I know you've said this 9900K isn't great.
  16. s775 P4 and s478 AGP would make great team cup stages
  17. If there's a 3000G comp, I'm going to use a b-series motherboard. Cheapest on OCUK is the Asrock B450M-HDV R4.0 last time I checked.
  18. The 210 is slow enough that any bench would be GPU bound in a reasonable configuration, so it would be possible to use Aquamark or 3Dmark2001SE for example. Just saying
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