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  1. Hi all, As above, needing to slim the herd a little and figure someone else would make better use of it than me at the moment. Hasn't had any use for a while now, but you can look at my profile to see where it may have been used, I've got two so can't remember which pot I used for which sub I'm afraid! I'll include the probe if wanted, good down to fullpot if I remember correctly but no way of testing that at the moment. Looking for ยฃ220 + shipping, I'm based in the UK.
  2. If you cannot report your own score, contacting a moderator with a reason the score needs to be deleted should solve the issue.
  3. I don't see the issue, if you need to delete a score report it and it can be done. You should only need to delete a score after a major mistake, which shouldn't happen very often.
  4. The ability to delete scores has been removed for standard users, what's the issue? You can edit a score for a while, then report it with the reason if it needs to go.
  5. I think that's fine, you'd have to deliberately scroll down to see the score, definitely don't think it's being deliberately hidden/serves any benefit etc.
  6. You vote saying you want it to stay the same but then say you want it to change? ๐Ÿคจ
  7. Nah all about making the big changes in one go, instead of having lots of complaints as each change comes in, get them all out of the way
  8. Single league or elite/everyone would work for me, but I know a lot of people like the rookie/novice idea. I went from enthusiast to extreme when I bought a SS, I still went up in points which is what mattered, so I've never really got the whole needing multi league thing other than ego stroking
  9. Only works with a limited subset of hw/os/benches etc so useful but not a complete solution it feels like. To those who really like the leagues, can I ask why? Like having the #3 in enthusiast on your profile?
  10. Elite vs everyone else means two leagues, elite, and everyone else. Instead of elite vs extreme vs apprentice etc. At least that's what I assume.
  11. Definitely most of the 'about' hwbot needs updating, from benchmark rules to who the 'staff' are etc. Now seems like the time to implement/change the way the leagues work since there's already going to be some confusion, just get it all done with at once ๐Ÿ˜ (single league or rookie/general/elite ftw)
  12. GeorgeStorm

    TR 3990X

    Well yeah that applies to all benches really, but I was also meaning that I think people like the bench. Certainly true for myself, compared to others that also offer globals etc, I prefer gb Also of course, remember there's nothing forcing you guys to bench it if you don't like it
  13. GeorgeStorm

    TR 3990X

    Or it keeps hwpoints as it's quite a popular bench, or it stays but isn't allowed to be run on win8/10, or maybe other options, no need to be so dramatic.
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