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  1. Starting over locking to get better performance in Crysis, found myself enjoying the tweaking more than playing the game. Then found out about hwbot and benchtec, where it became a slippery slope as I enjoyed the competition of the rankings and climbing the leaderboards. Got a SS from a benchtec member and then eventually tried LN2. Had a big break and am currently on another, but no doubt will become active again, mostly for the rankings/leaderboards Prefer the career stuff as I tend to come and go and don't like the time limited nature of seasonal/competitions.
  2. Fair enough, depends what the priorities are. I don't remember finding it particularly difficult to work out how to take a correct screenshot or work out the points system and leagues, and didn't complain when I was against LN2 with only a SS, but it does appear many do so I'm happy to accept I'm in the minority and am that old guy yelling at clouds and grumbling how it was better in my day Also @avalanche you don't need new posts to quote multiple people.
  3. When I joined hwbot was pretty simple, two leagues, ambient and cold, and I don't remember people moaning a out competing against ln2 people with only a SS, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention to them, I don't think I complained. Since stopping hwbot seemed to try and make itself more appealing to newcomers with comps and beginner leagues, all of which I don't think is needed. Benchmate will be a big point, most likely making it into a more beginner friendly environment, whether that's a good thing or not I'll let you decide
  4. Competitive benchmarking often requires running software not commonly used. I is a shame that AMD has this bug, but perhaps benchmate will solve the issue.
  5. The rules should state that new AMD has to be run on Windows 7, the fact they have remained this long is due to lack of moderators.
  6. I don't know anything about Socket A but I'm more than happy enough to ban those with the knowledge genuinely agree this wasn't legit.
  7. Don't need the motherboard tab for standard submissions, and anything newer than skylake is ok on w10 etc
  8. I believe @unityofsaints is pointing out the current rule only, not saying that in the future benchmate will be integrated with the main category.
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