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  1. Would be nice for the two most notorious tweaks to be known, hope you guys take up rauf's offer.
  2. GeorgeStorm

    [FS] Biostar TPower I45

    How does it clock?
  3. A bench that requires cold CPU and GPU, doesn't seem that crazy to me?
  4. The Rauf tweak not work with the 2080ti? Crazy cpu, 8 cores at 7250!
  5. Pity these aren't showing on the front page? Insane work, need rig pics! :D
  6. Results most will never beat and not even a pic of the setup? :P Impressive work as always
  7. GeorgeStorm


    The whole point of the contest is you have to buy the hw from galax directly and it's limited edition, sadly means if you're late to the party/can't buy straight away you'll miss out (as I was)
  8. LOD is allowed in most benchmarks, should say in the rules, TimeSpy it's not allowed I believe.
  9. I don't think so, taichi ultimate/phantom gaming 9 are the new top boards, with the mocf still keeping pace (slightly slower on core, but better mem). (at least that's my understanding)
  10. Great chip and a great SS, look forward to LN2, when?
  11. GeorgeStorm

    i9 7920x

    Sold elsewhere, can be closed