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  1. Hopefully I'll find out when I can get some ln2!
  2. GeorgeStorm

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    Yes since the idea of the comp is you don't need a super powerful cpu/mb/mem setup etc as the gpu is so limiting. So sure you can spend money on extra cooling, but the cost of entry should be very low.
  3. Argh nightmare! I've definitely installed 8.1 whilst cold on more than one occasion haha
  4. GeorgeStorm

    Flashing a different GPU BIOS

    It's not something I've ever done, and actually assumed it worked the other way, that you sub as whatever you've unlocked to as that makes sense to me. The issue with that I believe is the idea you can sub in multiple categories with a single card, or even more with 2 (different combinations of single/crossfire?)
  5. Removed, as Matt said, not obeying any of the contest rules.
  6. Should get a boost from 8.1 I would have thought if you rerun, great work :)
  7. As far as I'm aware core disabling has never been allowed for competitions like this and I don't think this time is any different I'm afraid.
  8. Thanks, and yeah Z170M, been doing some ambient stuff recently as I don't have anything cold at the moment :( first time I've run a bunch of cards/benches
  9. Great work, always nice to see a name from the past come back
  10. GeorgeStorm

    Please add Motherboard

  11. GeorgeStorm

    [FS] Maximus XI Gene + Gtx 980ti Classified

    Not many forum mods that could actually do anything about it sadly.