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  1. My submissions recieved 0 points

    For 3d benchmarks yes, only the 'active' component matters (cpu for 2d, gpu for 3d)
  2. My submissions recieved 0 points

    I was thinking of subs that are getting incorrect points rather than not ranked at all (lots with incorrect globals, and some with incorrect hw)
  3. My submissions recieved 0 points

    So is the whole database being recalculated or will people have to hit the button on incorrect subs? I've seen lots of subs that are incorrect, hopefully it's not up to each user to correct?
  4. Yeah it's awesome, didn't realise it was this good clock for clock!
  5. 20 second quicker than everyone else?? Ryzen is good at gpupi
  6. Rank and pts messed up on a few subs

    Yeah just wanted to say more of my subs are correct now (I did do a couple of individual recalcs, mainly to double check as some were given points that were *almost* correct). Definitely heading in the right direction
  7. Shorter term pain for long term gain? (in terms of survive the wave of people moaning about not being able to sub for hopefully a short period of time rather than a longer period of people moaning about wrong points)
  8. Maybe he should disable subs for a couple of days until things sort themselves out with the constant addition of new subs complicating things? A couple of my subs from yesterday got points today (although lower than the score below me haha), whilst some scores from earlier in the week still have nothing, clearly quite a wide spread issue.
  9. Great score, hopefully you can rerun, cpu-z windows all show cpu!
  10. Yeah that's what I mean, the points are out of whack at the moment, and will hopefully be sorted soon. Currently people are earning more points for worse scores, clearly that's not what's meant to happen
  11. Pretty sure that's just the glitched points atm, it'll solve itself soon hopefully
  12. Why is my submission not ranked?

    You'll see there are various threads with similar problems in the forum, if you do some reading you'll see there was an update that was pushed and it causing some issues currently.