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  1. I believe @unityofsaints is pointing out the current rule only, not saying that in the future benchmate will be integrated with the main category.
  2. I'll try to have a look this afternoon. Achievements in general have been flaky/not working properly for a while as far as I'm aware.
  3. Nice to see you here. Hopefully we can work things out, definitely agreed things were a little heated, and now we can have a discussion and come to a positive arrangement for all parties
  4. Whilst it's a shame how they responded, I also quite like gb3 and think it can be a great bench with both mem and core playing big roles. Instantly completely removing it off the back of this feels a bit like an overeaction but I'm with Leeg in that happy to try and let the community decide.
  5. Whilst I don't feel Im in the demographic your post is aimed at, just wanted to point out that people might be up for supporting hwbot but not benchmate as they are different things.
  6. Apologies these are now sold, forgot to close the thread.
  7. I believe there's basically no load on the mem so they don't clock to full speed?
  8. Hence why it's always better to manually save and submit, none of this automatic rubbish 😁
  9. @_mat_ any update on the issue @0.0 pointed out?
  10. As a side note, can you try to ensure the clocks are correct in the screenshot? Looked like you were only running 2000Mhz Mesh.
  11. It was the super high int that seemed weird, higher than 5.8 chips running w10?
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