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  1. Just thought I'd pop in again to say love the drama, AU guys never disappoint. One of the few times I'm agreeing with the AU side, although I didn't realise the Giga vs Asus thing, it's all luck of the draw with binning chips from intel, not about the board I think but people like to fight over stupid stuff so I say let them Also whilst I agree with 1 and 3 from pro, you could do with looking at the way you come across and maybe tweak it if you want people to take you seriously. Telling people what they're going to do, stating opinions as facts, just being plain rude etc
  2. Didn't realise this was an issue, it's been allowed for as long as I can remember, it's allowed for other benches so why wouldn't it be for this? Gives people a better chance of needing less binning, instead of 1 core holding back 7 good ones for example. If people really do care then having two categories is reasonable, but don't see any logic getting rid of the current one.
  3. It says it's not your best Sky Diver 1x GPU submission, not that it isn't your best Sky Diver 1070ti submission, for the reason Mr.Scott has pointed out
  4. Oh when I looked earlier it didn't complain when I tried 1EUR but maybe if I'd filled out my details and clicked go it would have then.
  5. You can always donate less if you don't want to give the 10EUR a month. Don't see why patreon can't be used in this fashion, allows people to more directly support something they enjoy.
  6. I'm not particularly opposed to having them public or private as long as they're all treated the same, doesn't matter who's doing them.
  7. Depending which WR you're meaning, Leeg was informed of whatever tweak(s) were used to get it, unless you're on the side of tweaks should be made public in which case there are some other WRs that I think would have the same issue
  8. If this were to be not be allowed one would have to question what about others, why was the intel opencl (I think that's the right one?) allowed for gpupi, potentially even worse are unknown tweaks such as Rauf's win7 01 tweak that gives a clear boost. I'm not necessarily against drawing a line somewhere, but you've got to know where/have a good reason for choosing it.
  9. I mean people use different driver versions, and very specific OS installs, ripping out all sorts of parts which are 'standard', so this comes across to me at least as fine on initial reading. Not even editing the files just swapping them, so surely something like modifying drivers to work with other cards would be more 'shady' but people have no problems with that it seems? (getting newer cards to run on xp for example)
  10. How are you submitting the score, I can't see anything that showed somebody changed it.
  11. Not a beer drinker but will definitely be up for a meetup if the move works out
  12. I'm looking to sell one of mine, whereabouts are you based?
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