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  1. GeorgeStorm

    Could probably add Vantage High and Extreme to benchmark list?

    Having more 3d benches that are less reliant on the cpu can only be a good thing, but I've no idea about these specifically.
  2. I thought you were allowed to change during it, since all the stages etc aren't known from the beginning, so would be a little unfair to lock someone in to one division for them to find out they can't be remotely competitive in one of the later round.
  3. If you submit a single LN2 score with points enabled you'll be moved up and you don't move back down. If you just use dice then you'll stay in apprentice
  4. Now things are going to get interesting
  5. GeorgeStorm

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    8700k r15 still seems to be broken
  6. Pulling further and further ahead! :D Great work