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  1. A wrapper wants to be simple to allow those who want to run benches on a newer OS without worrying about timer issues. Also to stop potential cheating. Other than that I don't feel it needs to do anything else. Obviously as small a performance impact as possible as otherwise it's useless.
  2. GeorgeStorm

    Galax GTX 1080Ti OC LAB Board Information

    If you want proper voltage control you want nvvdd as Slovak said, that public tool is basically a MSI afterburner reskin I believe. There is a public version of nvvdd I think.
  3. Sorry thought I'd responded to this when I saw it, as Web said, it's annoying but tends to fix it
  4. There are ways to bug benches yes, but implying that's all it's about is wrong in my opinion. There are far more legit scores than not.
  5. Using LOD and D3D overider? Nice work but I would have thought 300k should be doable :)
  6. You're welcome, hope it helps you break 300k. 03 is great 😁
  7. GeorgeStorm

    Gpupi for cpu: How to set up?

    Make sure you're comparing against others using the new intel open CL. Basically wiped out any old results
  8. Memory benches are split by DDR1/2/3/4 etc, motherboard frequency is split by motherboard. DDR3 version is more similar to GPU version, such as a Gigabyte Windforce, or EVGA Classified, rather than GTX780 vs GTX780ti, or 3570 vs 3570k in my opinion, hence why the memory benchmarks are split differently. Memory isn't the same as gpus/cpus which have specific models(3570, 3570k, GTX780, GTX780ti etc), which then have different versions, with memory all sets are just different versions of DDR3/4 etc. At least that's why it makes sense to me
  9. Force triple buffering via d3d overrider and you should see your nature opening scene FPS jump up LOD should be beneficial, but can't remember what I used when I ran a 1080
  10. GeorgeStorm

    Leagues idea

    Tidied up the thread, can we stay on topic and civil please.
  11. Showing those ASUS guys how it's done with their own stuff? :D
  12. Good to see you back using the correct board :D
  13. Frederik is aware of the problem but isn't sure of a fix yet, hopefully something will be figured out soon Great work as always ikki!
  14. GeorgeStorm

    No points are added, no awards are activated.

    You aren't getting points for most of those as those benchmarks don't give points. Not all benchmarks on the site give points, some may have in the past and now no longer do, or some are still in more of a testing stage and so may be given points in the future. Looks like the achievement is working now?
  15. GeorgeStorm

    HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k Benchmark Validation Regulations

    My understanding was it wasn't needed on skylake and newer as well.
  16. GeorgeStorm

    HWBOT Competition Feedback thread

    Been away all weekend, will have a look tomorrow
  17. GeorgeStorm

    HWBOT Competition Feedback thread

    I think I can set things up if you let me know all the details etc
  18. Most of hwbot is based on trust, and the basis that the majority will play fair, overall it seems to work, so whilst you're not wrong, it's not a major issue in my mind