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  1. Ok so I've had a quick look through the results, and they seem ok to me (but I have very limited knowledge of this hw era so I could have missed something) Couple of points: Whilst I won't be removing scores for a lack of thermometer in the picture as I don't feel anyone 'cheated', if people could try to do it for round 2 that would be great, to follow what @GRIFF was wanting. Also I'll check with Griff but I expect to change the rules for Round 2 slightly, in order to require a 'competition' style screenshot, with motherboard tab as well as cpu/mem. I thought I'd done that for Round 1 but apparently not! All in all great work and keep it up for Round 2!
  2. Apologies for the delay, I hope to moderate the submissions from round 1 tomorrow. I've added the background here: https://hwbot.org/competition/gosc_r2 Good luck to everyone taking part!
  3. I'll be moderating the submissions over the next couple of days
  4. I'm under the impression a valid link is needed so I'll be removing any without.
  5. CPU score way off, using PhysX which isn't allowed as per the rules.
  6. Hi all,As above, have a bunch of drives to sell, looking for £25 + postage per drive but can be flexible, especially if people want multiples.Drives haven't had much use, can provide whatever is the current best 'lifetime' screenshot for drives before posting.They all look like this: Thanks, George
  7. Would have been nice for some of the French guys to comment on his threads warning people! It'll be looked into.
  8. Yes, but as you can see on the link, it doesn't say valid, needs a green tick as Lewis explained.
  9. A valid link is needed, will go through the subs now to quickly check.
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