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  1. That's jusr beautiful work there, kinda working same as you did through high ratio clocked down and then pushing the multi up, but heck getting way higher volts than 1.428 you have there on my end heck the 4,75Ghz took 1,432 on this box. Then again I tested on my set pushing voltages even to 1,65v without any cpu features active and hell it still stays under 90c at full linx stress. So, wondering does it even matter what 4,75Ghz is on my equipment.
  2. And this one I also tested states that it's not anymore accepted & error on web page.
  3. So, what then is? There's not really many real benchmark softwares out there. Plus all are x86 based which today technology is same as faking all scores even wPrime but at least it knew how to properly multi-thread.
  4. Still cannot validate the 32M score. No matter it seems what I do states 'Invalid Validation' or something on webpages. Using Q9450 on Modded Motherboard BIOS Intel X38 running at 3,6Ghz on DDR2 at 900Mhz. Any idea how to get this working v1.55 states there's no longer accepting scores, v2.00 says invalid and been this way like past as long I remember wPrime. http://i38.tinypic.com/5fovnl.png Funny thing is I managed to validate 1024M score just fine.
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