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  1. Some people have issues with USB port on this mobo after lots times benching under Ln2. Bcz the Polyfuse will break if temp lower than -40 degree. here are 3 pictures of Polyfuse locations on this mobo . You can remove the polyfuse and short both pad with tin . Then usb should work again.
  2. http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/Z17OCF7.51A_CFL.rar bios for Z170 OCF
  3. Please check pin of cpu socket. Use cleanser to clean it And memory slot too. It looks like cpu socket wet or damaged. Or memory slot
  4. Guys. Bcz dice will make pcb around 0 to - 10 during benching. Ur slot will get wet very fast if u dont use fast fan to take Cold air away. Make sure u have good insualtion for momery slot. 00 19 4c 19. It is memory failed by training or memory not detected which allen mentioned.
  5. 1.65 CPU PLL Voltage -> PLL Termination on Asus +CPU Standby on Asus 1.4 VCCPLL -> ASUS PLL bandwidth . level 6 = 2.8volt , i suggest keep 1.4volt unless you cpu need high to avoid cold bug. 2.22vColdBugKillerVolt -> Core PLL on Asus
  6. picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/Z17MOCF131.zip New bios . fix some bugs .
  7. I hope it can be faster. Some issue need to solved by 1 more revision.
  8. OCF 3.1 http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/AFDSetup(v2.0.275.1).rar picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/X99OCF3121b.rar Mkiller 3.1 http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/X99MK3133a.rar http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/FSTUSetup(v2.0.275.1).rar
  9. Maybe u got faulty mobo. Try to RMA it. When mobo is going mass production. It happended sometimes. Sorry to hear about this
  10. It is speed limit by IC maybe. Try to loose trp/trcd might help you Also the last 2 third timing.
  11. This is impressive.. never try this before. 1.9 VDIMM? Great work
  12. check this one http://www.gf-racecar.com/about.asp Cheaper . They even offer the group package for 1 hr unlimited laps. And they have A-G different tracks . I think this place is better for us to go .
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