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  1. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    But the hwbot rules/print for this bench doesn't include cpu tests, only game tests 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    You're right, but cpu power still make a significant difference in the result, and limiting the processor frequency gives margin to make adultered results, by simple raising the cpu frequency using xtu or any other software, run the bench, lower the frequency to 5ghz and print it without anyone noticing. Even the gpu core can be raised after the bench without any load to make it apear that the score was made because the one gpu is better than the others. I'm awarning it here now, a month before the competition start, so we avoid any embarrassing situation after...
  3. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    Any gt 1030. Btw, any chances of changing 3dm03 by another one? I have a point on doing this question...
  4. Hello there!

    Welcome PKKShadow
  5. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    What about we make a list of tweaks and post it here? I agree 100% with @GtiJason "Let's all work together and share tips, mods..."
  6. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    If this is everyone's opinion here, ok then. I already gave my 2cents for this comp on a voltmod topic in the old forum, but will be glad if more experienced guys help with tweaks for 3dm03 gpupi and sp
  7. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    I think that to participate in this competition you need to mod the card, because: "The idea of the Cheapaz Chips contest is to encourage overclockers to use all of their ingenuity and passion to hardware mod an NVIDIA GT 1030 card for maximum performance." And i'm against the idea of allow ES hardware for Cheapaz Chips competition, mainly because ES are restrict to Elite members, wouldn't be fair imo...
  8. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    "The winner in Season 2 will walk away with a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card." Now we are talking!!
  9. Open Benchtable (BC1) Owner's Club

    Just waiting customs clearance to get my hands on my bc1 mini
  10. Griffs Slot A adapter

    Jesus Christ! Awesome hardmod adapter he did, really crazy! I just feel his pain from soldering every single wire in the right place.
  11. New support forum

    This one looks way better than the old one. Btw, will you guys upload the content from the old forum? I'm asking because i have a great (at least i think...) thread under the OC Archaeology about the beginnings of extreme overclock...

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