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  1. These versions can be differentiated using hwinfo, so might be a good idea to add a hwinfo screen if these become allowed https://pic1.zhimg.com/50/v2-401ac54abb33c679d7fdeb830db371a5_hd.jpg?source=1940ef5c
  2. bolc

    [EU] 7700K 5Ghz@1.22

    SOLD Thank you for the space
  3. bolc

    [EU] 7700K 5Ghz@1.22

    Shipping to UK I guess ?
  4. bolc

    [EU] 7700K 5Ghz@1.22

    Bump with price drop
  5. bolc

    [EU] 7700K 5Ghz@1.22

    removed from an IT pc, i have been the only owner of this 7700K. cpu is delidded, used on chilled water only my hwbot subs were done with it. it does cbr15 5ghz @ 1.22 V (multimeter) the only snapshot of sub I have on hand is 5.1 @ 1.28 V (see attachment) shipping withing EU, payment in euros asked price, I am thinking to sell it for 250220200 cheers
  6. indeed, generally 10 mV (0.01V), or slightly less from what I can read with a multimeter on the reading point. +0.01, imo it is almost the same
  7. you missed it all guys... the date is screened 2002 :o that's a backup :o
  8. Hi. was screenshot cropping allowed before january 8 ? cheers
  9. the 4790k? it does 2800+ cas9 surely, 2666c9 as well. more Idk...
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