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  1. For sale an i3 7350K only cpu. 6565 Mhz on r15 price=200€ possibility of providing an IHS Buyer pays shipping and fees possibility to ship to Europe. thanks!
  2. Hello, I have
    sempron 140/145
    sempron x2 180/190
    phenom 555/560/570/960t

    Would you be interested?
    thank you

  3. it is necessary to wait to see if the calculation takes everything into account on the total points because for me for example if I make the total of the points hardware + global it is much higher than the total mark
  4. I make a summary of how I see it all ^^ I think the season ranking is made so that even if we give the same score or a slightly better score the points awarded will be very low. because it is done in relation to the old (point difference between the two scores).the only way to have all the points and delete the old score and in put back a new one. The only way to get all the points is to delete the old score and put a new one back in. So the way that annoys moderators and overclockers the least is simply to prevent people from deleting their scores (later we can give people a week to delete the sub before blocking the feature). and that allows people to have sandbags which for me is part of the competition.
  5. the quickest way is to remove as soon as possible the possibility of removing the sub I think
  6. Um, we could make it so that we can't remove the sub a week after the sub for example. blocks the possibility of deletion after a certain period of time
  7. yes an article or a tab in "rankings" in short keeps track of the rankings but is it that the total submission points or just the extra points that count? ex:2019 7700k r15 1400p 100 points2020 7700k r15 1500p 125 pointsthe season's winnings will only be 25 points.
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