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  1. All sold, thanks for the space hwbot. Thread can be closed.
  2. I got a Bartx CPU pot i dont use anymore, shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Fair note here; You do know that maybe 50% of the number of benchers you mention got pulled in by XTU? Sad as it is, XTU is an important part for hwbot to get new people in. Ive been playing with hardware for years, but never knew of hwbot until I found XTU.
  4. 775 board reserved. Edit: 775 board sold!
  5. No worries! Yeah good condition. I forgot my phone at my GF's place. Picking it up tomorrow. Will shoot a few pictures for you tomorrow or the day after.
  6. 19.50 euro for package between 2 and 5KG. Send with PostNL. With tracking. can cut costs without tracking, EG - 3,69. Separate insurance is 1.65 But due note, for insurance claims at the adress of PostNL you need receipt. I don't have that unfortunately. hit me up on FB or PM
  7. Bump, prices dropped once more. Open to offers / trades!
  8. Love it, this coming from your mouth. Anyways, Think we all need to chill. Elite are elite, and they get some hardware to bench. Don't see the problem. They weren't born Elite overclockers right? Probably worked their *rses off to get there. I'm not going to get salty because I can't beat them, I don't have the funds, or skill. But does that make overclocking competively any less fun. Nope it does not. I get excited when I see new world records, by all overclockers. Splave, Dancop, XA, k|ngp|n, der8auer etc etc. I don't care who t is. All i love is hardware, technology. And the niche stuff we do, freezing it, and bringing the technology to the brink of destruction. To eek out that extra few points for a better score. That is what OC is about. Other tech websites report world records set by hwbot overclockers. And in most topics/comment section they all whine about the fact it's unnecessary and what not. But they just don't see it. Don't become one of those guys. TLDR; Don't let saltiness over whatever reason you deem justified divide this already small community. I know this hostility comes with anything that holds a even a grain of competitiveness. But still, at least try.
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