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  1. I'll plan on being there! Not 100% sure if I can make it yet, and I might bring a friend or two. If I come alone though, no issue splitting a room with someone.
  2. Sure, I already know how to run Pi in XP and many of the tweaks. Did you come up with maxmem and waza tweaks or someone else on the internet? I thought you never had help. Never had Llano. Deneb, #4 and #11. #11 on, guess what, a board that is 12 seconds slower than the other, with equal efficiency on the #4 run to the #3 and #2 runs, and better efficiency than #1. I haven't rebenched the #11 chip because its missing 20 pins, lost a lot of hardware that was stolen / broken. Fast run was done on a further slimmed readily available torrent OS with convenient installation, sure. I still put in hours upon hours testing maxmem and themes and different copy-waza sizes, OCX waza vs. manual, RAM timings, speeds, ratios, and other methods at the time when I had the time. I didn't just magically forget how the game goes, I didn't ask for your Win 7 that you non-offered. This is pointless, but yeah, nice Llano run. Congrats? It seems others here were / have been just as clueless until Infrared found speed. Good for him, maybe I'll do the same. Who cares.
  3. Let me explain where I'm coming from. I don't care about being a pro overclocker. I don't care about being the best. For me to be informative of where I'm at in the "keep testing" process is only to be transparent, mostly because the scores I shared obviously sucked. By doing this, I was not automatically asking for a free lunch. That goes for this thread, and the one at XtremeSystems where I was criticized in the same manner for being excited that I had finally saved up enough money for Ryzen, 3 months after launch and right before the first LN2 I'd touched in years at a bench party I didn't schedule. To paraphrase, I mentioned "It'll be a headache, and I don't have much time, though I have been reading up on the platform...I'll still have fun, I am not worried about 32M performance, and the board I know is slower will go into my 24/7 rig afterwards". You replied "Extreme overclockers either work around issues or sit the bench. My 2c." Short and obvious, but fair enough, I wasn't going to say anything. The next reply in the thread was (paraphrase) "good luck with that, if you want our efficiency, do what we did, the efficiency isn't magic or dumb luck, its hard work." Why did these points need to be proved? Were I asking for them to be drilled that hard, right up my? Was my position unclear? I've used my own XP OS'es before, and in other times, used others. I never asked you for the handouts you don't want to give out, nor do I want to take credit for your work. It's just that if people DO want to share, we all say please, thank you, you're welcome and move on. If you don't want to share then don't mention it. Less cache slower, certain boards faster is common sense across all platforms. SR RAM is almost always slower than DR RAM, unless the SR is tuned faster and often it can be tuned faster. Been that way forever. Yeah, the DR Hynix is a pita but it's obvious your kit does better timings at any given frequency anyway, and will be more efficient (DR > SR) at the same, so what are you proving to me by pulling out the board and posting more results? I do appreciate the testing that you do, and have done, and what you do show to the community. You have posted Ryzen screenshots of what is capable in 24/7 setups and that does indeed help people. Keep on doing what you do, but when I say "I don't think I can go much faster" with a kit that max's 3200 14-16-16 @ 1.78v and loose AF secondaries, and that prompts you to "bench the asus with DR hynix which is way harder to OC much less get stable" it rubs me the wrong way man. No more. I'll just quit discussing in a place designed to discuss and put up results if I feel like it someday.
  4. Cool, that's fine, don't really care. What I do wonder about is the fact that my own teammates brought this up in the first place just to be despotic. Do I care if the ship sailed, if I never knew about the ship in the first place? Has a nice "Lookie here, if only, btw sux 2 suk, get your own f*r" vibe. Good to know though. Will gladly work on my own, or not. Sometimes I feel like I have been through way too much over the past four years to put any bit of my empty soul into this. None of this is about winning for me anymore, it's about having fun. I will have fun without any of your OS "help" - I didn't ask for it anyway.
  5. Started with Intel X25-V, moved to Samsung 830 128GB. X25-V write speed is too low and hurts times. No sort of waza / ramdisk / etc tweaks yet or OS customization. Need to put more time in, obviously Infrared found quite a bit of speed. I'm sure it is harder, but this is also some **** tier $100 MFR. As far as the team and Pi OS, that's up to you two if you want to share. Yeah, the team is a bit dead, but we are the team.
  6. Either there are tweaks I am missing or I am crazy, but I don't think I'm getting below 8:4x with those single rank Hynix at 2666 12-14-14 or 3200 14-16-16. My MFR won't do tighter, tried up to 1.8v. Some subtimings like tRC and tRFC I can't drop below ~52 and ~470 > DDR4-2933. Tested most other subs through loop 6 in 2 clk increments one at a time, could probably revisit. Your dual rank times at tighter timings would also be some amount faster, and it seems the Taichi is faster. Of course, I also haven't tried any tweaks, haven't had a lot of time to sit down with the system after the first 24 hrs straight of testing with Hynix.
  7. Multi reads 29.4 (?) 29.5 = right at 4G (?) I tried SMT off but didn't find much of a difference, not sure what the others have found regarding cores disabled. I found it may help a little to move most other processes to another CCX but no evidence to back that up yet. Have yet to break 7m49s here, but haven't had time to test B-die or any OS tweaks thoroughly.
  8. Had a great time. Thanks for the extra space in the room with filmbot and GTIJason. GTIJason, Wiggles5289, funsoul and filmbot all helped me out considerably during the weekend and I could not be more grateful. filmbot - will give that TridentZ a spin this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all at other events, and most importantly the meetup next year! Thanks to our sponsors, Corsair and Performance-PCs! It was really great meeting you guys, even though we almost all had some sort of issues with our platforms.
  9. BeepBeep2`s SuperPi - 32M score: 8min 51sec 461ms with a Ryzen 5 1600X @ 4G Need more red bull. Need more efficiency, need to play in the sand! 8G single rank MFR is not the way to go.
  10. Looks like I'll meet you all in the morning, need to do some air testing on hardware I picked up yesterday.
  11. Will be there tomorrow afternoon or evening. Anyone mind me crashing in their room? It'll be just me, not bringing anyone else. Cya soon!
  12. I would also like to note that I have limited internet access until the 13th. I may not have an update on my friend tagging along until the day before the event. I'll try to stay connected as much as possible, going to be in a remote part of West Virginia where even cell service is almost non-existent. Dial-Up not possible
  13. I also would like to share a room - but I may have a friend tagging along. I won't be there until some point Friday.
  14. I'm in this boat as well, if anyone has a Tek-9 Slim they'd like to part with. First dibs to Lochekey though! Haven't done GPU cold but it would be nice to.
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