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  1. sabishiihito, now you're are talking my language!! I was considering selling my CPU to a friend but couldn't find enough reason to do so since the IPC was basically the same on Broadwell-E vs Haswell-E. But if I get more options for a memory divider that is good enough for me (I have a hard time getting rid of my upgrade itch). Can anyone tell me what the max divider for Broadwell-E on this mobo is at 100mhz BCLK?
  2. Thank you for the quick reply Sparks. I wouldn't mind getting to 3466, I was able to get very close to that doing the 128.57 BCLK and my system was 100% stable. If you have any suggestions of how I can get to that with keeping my PCIE 3 for the SSD and without an overclock failed message you would be my hero. I really wish I could have a way to get a better memory divider than 3200mhz at 100 BCLK. It would resolve this issue.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a little bit and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a X99A Godlike mobo with a 5820k. I recently changed from 3200mhz RAM to 3733mhz and noticed I can't change the BCLK on my mobo. If I even add something as small as 0.05mhz it won't POST. It will get to 04 in the debugger then say OC failed even when there was no OC on anything else, occasionally I will find a frequency that will get me to 95 and it will just hang. I have tested this on BIOS's 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.51 with the same results. I have tried messing with several voltages on the CPU and RAM and manually changing the RAM timings to be more lax than normal to no avail. I have tried several CMOS resets then only changing the BCLK too. When I did this I verified it's not overclocking the CPU or RAM either. I have tried under clocking both along with doing the same on my old RAM with the same results. It's been pretty frustrating I have tested about 40 different variations for the BCLK ranging from low 100's to 130's and have gotten nowhere. On BIOS 1.2 I briefly ran a BCLK of 128.57 mhz, any higher or lower than this exact number would result yet again with me reaching to 04 in the debugger then an OC fail. I couldn't keep this BCLK because as soon as the PC was fully powered down, the next time it would boot back up I would get an OC failed message (even though this was tested to be fully stable for hours in Realbench), I would then have to go back into the BIOS, save the exact settings and boot again for it to work. This wasn't the worst part though, the 128.57 BCLK would force my Intel 750 SSD to run from PCI Express 3 @ x2 to PCI Express 2 @ x2, changing the BCLK back to 100mhz fixed it. I'm really hoping someone can help me on this. Perhaps someone knows how to get more than 3200mhz from the 100mhz BCLK? This would fix my issue too. In the meantime I got that 3733 RAM going at much lower latencies to kinda compensate. 3200mhz 14-16-16-24-1T Oh one more thing, I too mysteriously had 1 RAM stick go bad on me with this mobo last month, I do not overvolt it either.
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