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  1. omgaga atomrolf LOL had to login just to write a stupid comment for this!
  2. What did I say about the vCore Chris? I hate it but in with Ivy, less can be more
  3. So he won a dollar but ... It took him two hours because there was thermal grease on on of the SATA cables :D :D :D :D :D
  4. Nono I'm stupid but not that stupid This was the actual conversation
  5. Quite not how the conversation really went ... but yeah Funny it is
  6. This is my concern too. It would be important in this case to talk with somebody at Linde who can decide a lot, because this would be a strategic descision for them.
  7. I've also been talking about a special contract for the Swiss overclocking guys. Pangas, which is part of the Linde Group, as Chris pointed out several times, has a discount plan. And it starts to get really interesting if you can committ to take 25'000 liters LN2 or more per year. So if you negotiate with them make sure that you overexaggerate I would tell them all overclockers in Europe might need 50'000 to 100'000 liters LN2 per year or so and then lets give it a try for one year. After that first year there could be further negotiations.
  8. I think that's an improvement over the sunshine tweak ... It should be called the frosty sunshine tweak
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