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  1. Up! Files printing brackets for the V.1.1 are good to go (same bracket design as the ones on the open benchtable mini) https://openbenchtable.com/community/3d-print-open-benchtable-bracket-v1-1/
  2. @jpmboy soon We are working on getting screws back in stock at the moment.
  3. Hey @marcoliu I'm taking care of the support indeed. And yes there was an issue with some threads on your table. Definitely a very rare error in quality control. Our apologies for that. Table was replaced. Actually, if anybody else experiences such issues, please drop me a mail with pictures and we'll help you out. contact@openbenchtable.com Sorry about that.
  4. Hey guys, Catching up on this here too. Yeah, it's a pity PAX won't go through. I will be there too no matter what since I had some plans already in the area, so same, if anyone want's to meet I'm all up for it There is also no need to get all worked up. It's life and these things happen. The key is to be able to bounce back and as they say "the show must go on." Keep in mind that these events are all community focussed, and as anyone that attended any in the past - they all had a blast. At the end of the day, that's what we are looking to keep on doing. Also, the education of enthusiasts to the art of overclocking at the World Tour is a key dimension to the events and a massive success. For Montreal, as for the previous WT events. If anyone is willing to learn XOC, or make a first jump, this event is for you. Also let me know if you need help, we've got some CPUs you can borrow on site, and it's no problem to figure out solutions to find containers if you don't have any. Also sharing this thread on OCN for the alternative Dreamhack event in Montreal : HWBOT World Tour Overclocking Competition - Montreal 2017 - I'm also monitoring that one.
  5. Yeah, when we've put up the site, PAX hadn't yet published the dates so we've put the same than laster year. Will adjust They still haven't updated their main site it seems ...
  6. For the moment all the images posted are renders - that's correct. For pictures, we've only got for the moment these few shots of the red. That sort of gives a good idea of what it's actually like. Screws stay in the original colors. Managing additional SKUs of colored screws wasn't making much sense + it actually looks pretty cool with them sort of standing out on the body of the colored tables.
  7. Right now, we haven't reached a significant enough interrest to get the small size table produced. The larger one is already back for order on our website. It's in production now and we estimate shipping for early May.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone - very useful learnings!
  9. Legs will be shorter in height, no matter the length, a ATX PSU wouldn't fit under height wise.
  10. It is normal to have a little space. The standoffs we use have a little metallic ring under the clips on which the motherboard holds. So shouldnt be that the issue.
  11. Very ingenious mounting right there!
  12. Very ingenious mounting right there!
  13. Yeah there should definitely not be that much clearance there. +/- 1mm would already be quite extreme. We've got tables here and mounted with various PCI-E s etc never any issue. Maybe something isn't standard yeah ... or maybe some issue with the motherboard PCI .. still it's a lot Let us know how your further testing goes
  14. Ahahahaha @hjongste Had it in the back pack also from Taipei to France. No questions asked Still I would not recommend taking the PCI standoffs on the table as these could definitely be classified as hazadeous objects by some guys on a bad day ...
  15. Our Editor Stew made a news about your work ! Open Benchtable Gets Plasti-Dip Paint Job - Open Benchtable
  16. Hi, Indeed the SKP file is missing as we haven't gone it yet. I've sent a message to the person helping us with the file I'll update via email all creators when the file is available.
  17. Very nice paint job right there! To the perfect fitting colors with your EVGA hardware. Mind if we share on the FB page ?
  18. For the moment thats "technically" the full list of stop. Dates for Indonesia are uncertain as we don't have them yet. For Canada, no stop this year but there will be something for sure organized by local overclockers. @Johan, if you are up for something you can reach out to Trouffman - I'm sure the LanETS would love to host overclockers again
  19. A nice waterjet fitted insulation kit would be really cool yeah.
  20. Ahahhaha we definitely need to make some moder awards for the table! You would get the "Crazy Mod" award ^^ BTW we received a whole box of spare parts that we ordered from the factory (spare thumbscrews, standoffs and brackets). Will configure the shot to have these available end of next week.
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