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  1. For sale a few items, which I don't need anymore. All things are in working condition and guarantee not DOA. #1 Asus HD7970 Matrix - original fan is missing, but fans from Accelero does the job. I used it for last few months in my personal PC. New thermopads. 100€ + shipping #2 Gigabyte P55A-UD7 - board only, no accessory, comes with i5 680 CPU, one pin in socket is missing, but it's either a GND or Vcore pin, board works fine. Pretty rare board. 100€ + shipping #3 Gigabyte EP45 Extreme - as pictured, no issues 100€ + shipping #4 DFI LanParty RDX200 - another rare item, DFI LanParty 939 socket with AMD chipset 100€ + shipping I can ship worldwide. Bank transfer preffered, PayPal gift is fine too. And Revolut.
  2. For Cascade temps you don't need a special K-probe, standard one for few euros will do the job.
  3. sold, please move
  4. 130 euro + shipping
  5. This RAM list still exists after some search What do you think about those? https://web.archive.org/web/20150416000220/http://ramlist.i4memory.com/ddr3/
  6. MSI GTX680 Lightning card. 100% working condition, never used on subzero (pulled from daily rig). Additional tests will be made right before shipping to ensure that everything is ok. Guarantee not DOA. 140 euro + shipping (I can ship worldwide, ask for costs). Bank transfer (preffered) or PayPal gift.
  7. #1 Asus Rampage Extreme X48 in BOX, almost all accessory (I think only CD is missing), 8A manufacturing date, I haven't tested the FSB, but according to my notes it does 2000 7-7-7 2x2GB on Hypers @ 1,656v NB. 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. 220 euro + shipping #2 Maximus II Formula in BOX, I think all accessory is present. 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. 120 euro + shipping I can ship worldwide. Bank transfer preffered, second preffered option - PayPal gift Both board were not used for XOC, I took them from daily PCs. Regards
  8. Goodram Pro DDR2 512MB 900MHz - 15 sticks in total. All based on Micron D9, I removed heatspreader from such kit some time ago, it was D9GKX below it. Random kit boots on 1333 5-5-5 @ 2.4V. All tested in memtest on stock settings, no time to play more with them. It could be very solid stuff to break some DDR2 records. 7 euro per stick or 75 euro for all (5 euro per stick) + shipping (starts from 5 euro, I can ship worldwide, but I have to check first). PayPal, Bank transfer. Revolut also might be possible.
  9. Use the PCI diagnostic card, it's really helpful. Throubleshooting of the X58 can be real pain... I had X58A-UD5 some time ago, one RAM slot wasn't working = not triple channel. No bent pins, no damage. I cleaned everything... still no go.
  10. bartx

    [FS] Nice 7700k BOX

    sold, please move
  11. bartx

    [FS] Nice 7700k BOX

    7700k, boxed, very good piece for daily usage, I also made a few runs on it on Dice, nice to get some decent global points in 4c category. https://hwbot.org/submission/4328253_bartx_superpi___32m_core_i7_7700k_4min_53sec_547ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4328255_bartx_cinebench___r15_core_i7_7700k_1317_cb 100% working condition, at this moment IHS is removed, I attach also custom nickel plated IHS. I'm looking for 250 euro + shipping (PayPal), or 240 euro + shipping (Bank Transfer within EU).
  12. UPS takes packages <70kg in box without a problem. Just make sure, that you don't exceed the dimmensional weight, because it might be your the most expensive shipment ever Good luck with the sale.
  13. No Maxmem, I'm looking for daily settings. At least 9600k is running very nice - 5.1GHz on 1.24V. Looks like above 3466c15 1T is no go on A2 combined with Z170/Z270 chipset. I had exact the same weird behaviour on Ranger VIII, in this case I thought that it's the board issue. 3466C15 is rock stable on Apex IX, but above it might be rock stable, might be 55 error, or it can boot, but Spi32M will show errors in first 2-3 loops. Too much pain for daily rig
  14. Any hints for overclocking the A2 memory above 3600? I was able to run SPI32M and R20 on 3866 C14 1T, but above 3600 it's extremely unstable. Usually there is Not exact in round error before initial loop, sometimes setting some voltages help to stabilize it. I've found in some cases that increasing the DMI voltage from 1,26 to 1,40V helps making it stable up to 3866, but after next boot I was getting errors again. Funny thing is that it's booting into Windows easily even on 4000C14 1T. I'm running 9600k and Apex IX with 2402 Apex X bios, it will be my daily rig so no big issue with this ram speed, I've just wanted to know if there is any solution for this.
  15. 3x2GB G.Skill PerfectStorm 2133C9 based on Elpida BBSE. 100% working condition, all tested in memtest at stock settings. In terms of overclocking I made only quick tests, they were worse than my high binned PSC kits, which I bought lately, no nothing special. I'm selling them as a collectible item at this moment Guarantee not DOA. Looking for 70 euro + shipping, I can ship worldwide, but I have to check if it's possible first.
  16. 20 euro + shipping per each kit
  17. Yes, possible, please send a PM, within EU there are no problems with shipping.
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