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  1. have you tried the PS2 splitter cable? If it works, can you tell me where you got it? I tried with another green and purple ps2 splitter cable but always sees either keyboard or mouse edit: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/107756/#
  2. I answer myself, 7600k leaves and works properly with hardware modification for coffe lake. Is the isolation of the pin for coffe lake necessary?
  3. sky lake and kaby lake continue to operate with the coffe lake hardware modification in the firts post or is it necessary to switch off? It is not clear to me if the hardware change on the ix apex replaces only the two pins to short-circuit the cpu and therefore always serves the isolation of the pins under the cpu
  4. Xp works in half without acpi support, it does not work turbov, ht, speed step, c-state etc. Need an update of the bios acpi side to be able to work on it
  5. is possible disable driver signature on xp link
  6. need to find correct usb driver :), i tested with ps2 y but only one works, mouse o keyboard
  7. xp work whit xi gene, need: - xp iso original - disable acpi, during f6 startup xp press f5 or f7 - nlite to insert lastest driver ahci by fernando - keyboard ps2 native - dvdrom to install ( with usb pendrive no work for now )
  8. https://www.win-raid.com/t3808f45-Windows-XP-bit-SP-now-working-with-Z-motherboard-and-Coffe-Lake-CPU.html
  9. the boost has given him the new os, you can see from the video that I do not lie, even with open cpuz, a big time comes out
  10. I changed os, the time has improvedif needed I can make a video to prove, I know very well that it's a great time, if you need proof I'm happy to show you how much I say significantly at the same clock.