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  1. thanks dwarf, 1.27v temperature around 20°C on the hottest core. The SS goes into crisis on the heavy 2d, the 8c everyone is heard
  2. you're right but if you want there is the validation link that shows the real frequency during the bench
  3. nice CPU and score, it would be wasted if used only to dice :)
  4. hello guys how they behave your cpu Coffee lake air / liquid temperature 20 ° environment? I had n°3 of 9900k hands and I bring my experience with cb r15 test at 5000/4500 (blck 100) ram auto 2133 1.2v, real voltage measured with multimeter. Test with Rog Maximus XI Gene llc7 1° 1.280v - 5080/4500 1.320v batch L713 2° 1.170v - 5190/4500 1.320v batch L832 3° 1.090v - 5350/4550 1.250v batch L846
  5. Dice? 6g h265 4k, impossible or this cpu run cbr15 7.2g ln2
  6. @suzuki I know that I can set the standard voltages with active ln2, maybe I'll try, The cpu definitely scale again since I did not want to raise the voltage further
  7. @suzukithe time is good considering the ram frequency and timing, I can further improve another 2 seconds bringing the ram over 4100 12 11 but I prefer not to use ln2 mode with SS
  8. thanks Davide, as you said, the result was possible thanks to the SS made by alexmx
  9. antome

    antome - Core i9 9900K @ 6330MHz - 10sec 80ms PiFast

    phase -61, cpu 0 voltage e freq no maxed :)
  10. thanks Pato, the chip looks good, runs cbr15 to h20 5000/4500 1.090 and 5350/4500 with 1.25v real. SS works at -61/-62 for 2d without ht
  11. xp works on these cards but without acpi support, with multiprocessor mps the 9900k starts with 8 cores at a fixed frequency
  12. the problem is not the sata ports, there are the modified drivers for this, but the acpi support for xp is missing on the bios