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  1. so frustrated and hopeless with asus. Raja@asus mentioned it as normal but without cure. solution to it to leave the psu on when not using pc and this is not what suite me.

    They can release a bios update to fix this but not sure why they so reluctant to do that.

    so my I'm thinking of moving to diff manufacture for my next upgrade...

  2. here's the thing now

    i does as this website said


    and now my system wont able to start

    what to do now does anybody knows something



    some stupid rookie offering help on that site :banana:

    in most cases that error related to lot of things etc, Os,unstable clock, mem related.

    if you provide more info that may be easy to determine the problem

  3. @pepinorang


    the problem is not Memtest - i had 24h memtest passes without any errors with BOTH kits.

    The kits were also 100% Prime-stable.


    The crashes only happen while playing games - i don't really understand why. But if i build a high end gaming machine i want to play games without freezes every 2 days. The Kits have to be testest in a long-time-every-day-use... that's where this high-end-stuff fails...


    if the kit is 100% prime stable then problem might be with ur 980Ti.

    as Gunslinger mention volts might help.

    dont forget to keep us update

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