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  1. bios 0088 not available anymore? what's the best bios to use now from the options on the front page? @Sparky's__Adventure
  2. price dropped to reflect current market trend
  3. updated timestamp for 6900xt and area 51m
  4. updated thread as some items have sold
  5. 0901 any performance or stability (higher clock, better timing?) improve compare to 0088? also are you using the apex vrm tool .exe? I'm not sure how it improve stability "if cache isn't se too high" as @Falkentynesaid
  6. So I have 3 bioses to choose from 0901/0804/1002 All with ucode because I plan to run daily 24/7 (for now) 0901 = with tvb oc, but does this have txp/ppd in bios? 0804 = "mature" 0088 with txp/ppd in bios, not sure if any improvement? 1002 = official beta bios with resizable BAR feature any that you guys would recommend for now? seeing as resizable BAR isn't that useful due to only RX6*00 GPU supporting it (I have 3090)
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