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  1. crazy result like always....you are trully memory expert bro....
  2. Cuz I just want to help and I though all box cpu was retail not OEM thats why I replace with my own cpu since I have so many stock brand new cpu in here on that time before I bin..do I am wrong if I help other people ? But I know i have wrong with my way thats my fault..I dont want debate in this forum anymore mate..better now I looking figure out how to denjen recieved I ship cpu to him as soon as possible. I dont mind if I must loosing $350 cpu cuz I have wrong with my way..also I will respontibilty about all this situation. Thats why I told in above my thread if cpu arrived den jen will have it. Also I will ship die cpu return from intel to him. I hope this my explain can make clear.
  3. I have already ship my own cpu brand new sealed to Den Jen from 3 month ago with reguler shiping I cant tracking. Cuz I asking ship with EMS will be better and he told me ship with reguler will be fine and he still not receieved until now I have no idea...but return cpu from intel still in my house until now I am not ship yet. I was so busy with my jobs. I will ship also when I got in home. As I said in above if you recieved replace cpu from me you can have it..ist yours also return cpu I will ship also its yours. Cuz I have wrong with my info about your RMA cpu...thats my responbilty. I will ship return cpu from RMA with ems. Soo will make clear. I dont want to take your cpu mate..thats yours I am not guys like that take your cpu.
  4. Den Jen my friend just tell me now how to fixed I will fixed.
  5. Nope... this cpu after I waiting so long from intel..they return this cpu intel said was OEM. Not retail..sadly i also ship to you replace your cpu with own cpu but u still not receievd until now I dont know cuz I ship with reguler shiping..in this case I just helping you for RMA. I will not take it your cpu mate..thats yours ...even if you receieved cpu from me with my own replace thats yours also. I will ship back this return cpu to you also. I hope can make this clear
  6. I hope this all situation will make me better in the future my apollogize
  7. I will clear all mate dont be worrie I still here
  8. He is not the only one getting bad KIT... I have also buy that kit from local store in here and cannot run 4K 12 12 12 28 1T any voltage even without wazza trying so many way spent almost one day looking figure out with other cpu, board same nothing different. I though my other hardware like cpu or mobo have problem but when I tested with my another kit running perfect I have 4 kit memory can run 4K easy in here all running without any problem.. I think afaik this kit have problem, not come from setting, hardware etc. also I am not stupid guys with B die chipset so many experience in here with that. But I still greathfully I return the memory to local store and the return me money cuz no more stock left. now I only have vga for joined GOC 2016 but impossible only with VGA can joined. I also have speak with Galax guys they will looking figure out but after waiting almost one weeks, I think no more hope. I can prove with video if you need it. @Xtreme Addict my friend I am trying so many way with the setting all still same .. I think we have bad luck at this time with Certified OC Binned memory
  9. Contact me Alex.. Galax Distry already selling in my country with retail price
  10. We want u joined mate...come on joined with us...Splave for US President
  11. I forgot to submit my last backup in couple days ago on MSI GODLIKE CONTEST
  12. websmile my favorite moderator.. congcrat all the winner and all participant.
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