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  1. Load Luumis 6GHz Profil change your Ram Settings, and the pll who stand at 1,8 V to 1,6 V
  2. be there from 25 to 03
  3. I hope you have seen that my Nickname here in the Forum is Bulshooter, no one can change my Nickname here to my real Nickname Bullshooter.
  4. 32M Error i cant upload a score, system said wrong
  5. Hi, i sale my second best CPU This Chip can do 6,9 GHz R15, 6,918 GHz Geek 3 Multi Core, 7,364 Aquamark and 7,33 05 1500€ shipping not included asked please, shipping World Wide Location Germany
  6. The Problem you would sell binned chip for high price and have no screen shots lol, we are not stupid.
  7. Wait for payment, 32M 7250 MHz, 06 6950 8/16 with 1,62 Vcore on Maximus XI Gene
  8. The CPU only use for LN2, the dont work in my daily system. Make an offer
  9. I write this over one year to Frederik, he dont change it. When i post something under a score, my post in the forum are from bokker. I dont no why
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