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  1. Curious about the CPU speed. Is there still ton of headroom or is the sample of der8auer just insane running xtu at 5700mhz?
  2. Rly? U just smoked my Setup with 6950x at 5100 and the Titan X Pascal under LN2. These cards are crazy . Congrats for this score
  3. Sorry but how are you able to run 1,5v on cpu without throttling on normal water? I have a 60mm x 120mm x 480mm rad, a D5 pump and a ekwb cpu block. If i go above 1.35v it starts to throttle ;-/
  4. WOW exactly something like this is what i needed. Thanks alot GTiJason!
  5. Hi Guys. It's getting time to learn Spi32m for me now. Is one of the pros willing to make a short tutorial how to set up Windows(with tweaks), and how wazza works? Just from the view angle of having absolutely no clue at all how it works. You guys would help me alot Thanks already in advance =)
  6. I think it would be much better when rookie/novice/apprentice ranks would be good for some additional points. For example: All Stages are open for all leagues. But if you are rookie u get a leage bonus of 5 Points in Stage 1. If Novice u get a league bonus of 5 Points in Stage 2 ect ect. This enables a better chance for smaller Teams to be able to participate. Oh and for elite league "ES" and 1080ti and Titans should be allowed. Just my humble opinion =)
  7. Don't be scared. Ram are basically indestructible. Even without extra cooling u can pump up to 1.95v through Ram. No problem for benching sessions. Maybe not recommended for regular use. But benching only, u should be fine.
  8. GZ. I am just curious if you are able to run faster with those cards. 2100 is normally achievable on normal water with titans.
  9. If it runs 4.5 with an AIO Watercooler it's one hell of a CPU
  10. Was actually quiet surprised to see the Goldcup for this score Nice start in the extreme league =)
  11. To clarify, it were ICECUBES not DICE. DICE hits -70°C. Ice if you are lucky -15°C ish . Oh and for the LOLs, don't mix DICE with antifrost window cleaner. Terrible idea.
  12. Cool. Good to know. Flight is booked. See u 2nd december =)
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