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    Nobody else interested?
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    Benchmark Homepage Downloadlink CPU Downloadlink GPU Supported Hardware: CPU/GPU with OpenCL-Support - even Xeon Phi (without Image Support not all Tests will run) Requirements: Installed OpenCL-Drivers, .NET Runtime 4.0, x64 Windows A neat little Bench to test your OpenCL capabilities. Benched System is a AMD FX8350@4.7Ghz and a Vega 56 @1650/1106 with 64 Bios CPU Scores: Statistic Results CPU: Scores GPU: Statistics GPU:
  3. In the Screenshot GPU-Z say Physx is on
  4. Ticket ID: 400 Priority: Low \r\n\r\nas you see, the example picture fails to load.\r\nOn FF/Mozilla the buttons can not be clicked