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  1. Mobile world is not as cutthroat as the desktop world is. So we try to keep as close to legit as possible. One would not game running LOD where you can't see anything, so we do not bench that way either. Again, it's a common courtesy situation only for mobile benching.
  2. You do know we have been trying to keep the LOD hack runs out of the mobile benchmarks right?
  3. Thanks! Then I owe Bruno an Apology for reporting his scores as LOD Hacks.
  4. Okay, time to ask yet again. What is the ruling on Using LOD benchmark scores? Is this legal or not legal? I see quite a few of these submissions beating me (2080 TI Single GPU - Class) when I could have clearly used this to surpass many.
  5. 1: Why am I in the Enthusiast league? I should be in the Extreme league. 2: Why does it still say my points are disabled? They should be enabled. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, I put this in the wrong place....
  7. 1: Why am I in the Enthusiast league? 2: Why does it still say my points are disabled?
  8. This is a BS score to get my Extreme ranking to show back up. This is in no way shape or form a real score.
  9. Possibly because your an admin on this site and the rest of us are peasants. Edit: I just tried about 20 different edits and it still won't take.
  10. http://hwbot.org/submission/3711409_johnksss_pcmark_7_core_i7_5960x_8500_marks?recalculate=true Now if I change that score to like 8590, then it becomes invalid and the validation link stops working.
  11. It is also noted that the URL does work if you use the "S" or not, but that is not the problem. The problem is once you post a score that resides in the top 10, the URL is (Allegedly) then broken and the result becomes invalid.
  12. Question here... Who is in charge of this? And how do I go about getting it validated? Thanks. CPU-Z VALIDATOR
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