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  1. just bought about 300 pounds of speakers because of this thread...... thanks, finally found something my wife hates more than collecting oc parts.
  2. kingston made tons of 2gb bdbg I have 2000 c9 which I use 90 percent of the time with bdbg ics I cant seem to find psc sticks that will beat them. Also have 1600 and 1800 sticks with bdbg. They are great sticks and since all decen psc are gone from ebay they are alll I can seem to buy recently. @loud kingston did make a 2333 dual sided 2gb stick but good luck finding them now. Pretty sure thats what sniperoz used for a long time. heres my best with the 1gb sticks was going to try amd to push them but no money/time to do it. For this I used 1.8 volts on air http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2360248_ pretty sure thats just max my chip can do.
  3. dosent seem to be an awsome 1gb bios just looked at a few though and they all seem to be the same. Have you tried rivatuner I would be pretty suprised if that wouldnt do it. Or gpu tool
  4. As long as its reference pcb it will flash to asus top.
  5. I used asus top bios and had good results. Tried rbe but never got it to work. Flash in dos, its the easiest way.
  6. thanks this is much better for me. For mobile site why not just keep everything the same and remove the rankings on the right side of the page then it would be fine.
  7. Before this was a known fact to me I tried with ss on south bridge and ln2 on CPU ,and still couldn't hit 2400mhz. Not saying it can't be done but. I will say its a waist of time. Also unlike ivy Sandy dies pretty quickly with too much vtt.
  8. big score, just when I think about trying some pcm05 you drop a bomb with 7 killer ssds and raid card.... maybe ill learn 3d01 instead
  9. Nice job getting the mem where it should be. That 22 points has to sting though
  10. New mount looks awesome. No more over tightening screws.. Would be a awesome trick if you could do it with gpu pot. Can't wait to see more.
  11. bass for this card I had better results with ocp value closer to 15k
  12. thanks its a refrence card with asus top bios flashed onto it, not modded yet but it needs ocp mod to keep going.
  13. Not really a bug but seems like a good place to post. Can we have one that doesn't require opening CPUz/gpuz after every run.
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