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  1. You've given them a beating that's for sure Hope you find new good sticks but I can imagine it's hard.
  2. Hi Flanker thank you, I just had to get rid of the LN2 leftovers from Cheapazchips comp. Coldbug at around -25°C. I can't seem to find any good scaling with voltage higher than 1.5 - 1.55, maybe the chips is a low leak one. Or the mobo ain't up to the task.
  3. Calathea


    Some official answers from hwbot would be nice. I thought the coinhive malware was taken care of. edit: found answers here http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=502601&postcount=36 solution is to use adblock as websmile suggests.
  4. Bah, I booted my freshly made zombified card last night and I'm still hitting a power limit.
  5. Hi niobium, sorry but GT1 is bugged. Take a look and compare to other results.
  6. Hi Frito, sorry your GT1 is bugged, around a 1000 fps more than it should be.
  7. Very impressive Ikki! I think we will see 100k from this tiny card.
  8. Some people seem to have found a way to modify BIOS, any hints?
  9. Oh I forgot about that old thing. You're right. Anyway Electron Libre, I've got the same card if you want some help with vmods. Don't know if you need it
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