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  1. x00x

    cpu database

    plop all Can you add Intel core i7 3667U to your database. cpu-z link : http://valid.canardpc.com/2678771 thx much
  2. yes, it's me, with an older mail account deleted because i've changed internet provider. nothing precious on this accound, you can delete it ? and finaly rename my account bifrost by x00x ? thx
  3. Hello staff, hello christian it's possible to change my account name by an other name ? i'm tired of bifrost, can you replace this name to x00x ? my account profil : http://hwbot.org/user/bifrost thx a lot ^^
  4. this is my first loop : http://www.octeam.fr/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=91.0;attach=7502;image and after reloop 1M, i've obtained 7s.386 ... i'm not responsible about windows or Spi bugs ,so, how to prove the bug in OC competition if this bug not visible ?. I am aware that this is not possible at this frequency, So this is for fun I asked that and I suspect that this score will be invalidated ^^.
  5. no photoshop, sorry, last iteration bug ... for fun only, but in competition, this score can be valid
  6. if i find a provider near me in the middle of France ( the middle earth ), I would make him advertising ^^.
  7. my bank account is not overclocked .... sorry but thanks for your invitation. regards.
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