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  1. Nice OC event, but we have not enought time for fine tuning. Maybe I'll check this chip later...
  2. Yeah I get it, but this limitation could be on final stage on CES, not for qualifiing. But I'm respecting all rules and dismiss this competition. Anyway, good luck guys!
  3. Hmm, Cooler Master power supply needed? Why? Why? Why? Ok, im out of this! =[
  4. Nice result, what BIOS do you use? I have some attempt at 1778 MHz on AIR with B03 BIOS and reatil i5-4670K. But there is no option to adjust timings to CLX-31-31 (only CLX-14-14 or leave it to auto - but its quite tricky). I try X04 and X05 BIOS but its optimised for Samsungs and PCSs it seems cause I can hit only 3 GHz on memory.
  5. 6,1 GHz on 3D01 with some luck :-) http://hwbot.org/submission/2418890_froxic_3dmark2001_se_radeon_hd_7970_137089_marks
  6. It was written in submission... about -135-140 °C CB (measured on POT)... -125-130 °C benchable... on AIR it was average piece - 4,8 GHz rock stable, 5 GHz SuperPi 32M with 1,55 V! - so very bad chip on air... Try to adjust VCCIN to 2,5 V, Vcore to 1,7-1,9 V and Ring V to 1,5 and it will be fine i think. Im my opinion - average batch, but I get most from it! Especially wPrime runs – 1024M on 5,9 GHz :-), 6,1 GHz SuperPi 1M, 6300 MHz validation (cause XPOWER dont have LN2 mod).
  7. Hmm, I must bench another 3 motherboard to beat other teams score
  8. This board seems very strong in BCLK clocking even on AIR! :-)
  9. Yeah, its possible with same freq to do 9,7-9,9 I think. But was too lazzy to install cropped XP and havent got too much time :-( Nextime I will try break 10s with 6800K.
  10. WR using bad CPU, single channel DDR3 and bloated Windows x64? Why not :-)
  11. Btw, I have problem to adjust 1,86V+ even on air, so there is maybe problem with my piece of modules I think.
  12. With 2,1 V+ I can perform slightly better I think... But it wasnt possible to adjust higher voltage than 1,85 V (system dont POST or freezed in OS) :-/
  13. 7th place on the world is not bad with only 1,85 V and active dual channel, right? Nextime I must use only one stick!
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