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  1. Wanna run 3DMark in diagnostic mode (for least services) but got validation warning "Processor is not recognized" and CPU missing information when try to validate on 3DMark website. Dunno what service(s) that I need to enabled. Thanks in advance.
  2. What is max safe voltage for AFR on air ? I am good at 3500 12-17-17-28 1.848V. Wanna try 11-16 maybe 1.95V ? It is OEM RAM without heatsink but I have fan over it.
  3. Just bought a slightly used Taichi for $128. Also I found this pic on OCN. Very interesting.
  4. Thanks. Another stupid question. Where are Z370 OCF and MOCF ? Bought OCF for $200 year ago. Extremely satisfied with price/performance.
  5. Hi. Can anyone suggest a cheap memory overclocking mobo alternative to M10A. ($400 here. Don't want to sink that much money hahaha). I assume any Z370 itx should be OK but which one is best. Just want 4133 16-16-16 or 4266 17-17-17 24/7 gaming and can do 4000-4133 C12 1T for fun. CPU is 8700K. Mem still try to find TDZ 3600C16. (very hard to find here in Thailand). Thanks in advance.
  6. Can I request 7.40D for big OCF also ? On Asrock Z170 OCF Beta zone it have 7.40D and 7.21B for download but after extract files it show Z17MOCF not Z17OCF thus BIOS files can't detect in instant flash.
  7. I am looking for 24/7 efficiency and need some help. My OCF can't boot memory beyond 4200Mhz what can I do ? here are my setup i5-6500 Z170 big OCF bios 7.40 2x8GB TridentZ 3600 17-18-18-28 Actually it can't boot beyond 4060Mhz but after adjust all signal slope to 15-1 it can boot all the way to 4200Mhz (with hit and miss. I must set boot failure guard count to 10 to ensure that one out of ten will boot) but after 4200 it will stuck at 00 4C 19 looping no matter how much voltage / io / sa or timing. But if I boot at 4200 and raise BCLK in windows it can get to 4300Mhz but not stable. 4266 is best for benching but not stable enough for HCI memtest (small random error) what can I do ? Here is my 4266 running HCI 125%. Only one time it can do this. Boot again and it give random error. (io 1.3v sa 1.3v dram 1.45v it don't scale above this). Another thing is can anyone clarify me about how to properly adjust mb setting to get better signal like ODT , vref control , memory margin , dq0rt or whatever etc. Thanks in advance. Currently my best stable is 4133 17-17-17-28-350-2T 1.4V set , 4167 17-17-17-28-450-2T 1.45V set , 4200 17-18-18-28-350-2T 1.475V set HCI small random error but work fine for gaming. But 4266 even at 19-19-19-39 give random bsod.
  8. I just try official BIOS 1.7 for Z170A gaming Pro Carbon but just like other official BIOS. BCLK overclocking on my i5-6500 is limit at 121.88 so 3.9Ghz max. rollback to BIOS 1.33 without issue.
  9. Does the official 1.7 BIOS for Z170A gaming Pro Carbon still have beta runner ? and if it go wrong (no beta runner) can I flash back to older BIOS ?
  10. Hi guys. I have 2 questions. I am currently using i5-6500 with ASUS Z170-A and TDZ 3600 CL17. I can't really decide between regular OCF or M8I for memory OC. M-OCF is not available in my country. I plan to push RAM to 3866-4000 12-11-11-28 for fun (My Z170-A currently set record at 3754 12-11-11-28-200-2T). And 3866-4000 or more with CL15 or 16 1.45V for daily use. I prefer M8I as it has 2 dimm slot. But it must be so ugly to fit ITX board in standard ATX case (NZXT H440). Will OCF perform as good as M-OCF ? Also Anyone using Koolance 380i with M8I ? will it fit ? If it can't fit than I have no choice but to choose OCF. Thanks in advance and sorry for too many question.
  11. Thank you for your good guide. I have some question. I see read to precharge = 6 and write recovery time = 10 in b-die section. Didn't write recovery time suppose to be 12 (13 in asrock timing config). Another question is should I care about tWR-Pre and tRD-Pre.
  12. Thanks everyone. I try 2T but not help. I really want M-OCF but sadly it does not sold in my country. Impact is too little for my standard ATX case haha.
  13. Thank you very much. I try updating BIOS to 2202 on ASUS Z170-A and it can't flash back !!! Your guide work well and I can flash to my non-K OC BIOS again.
  14. I have some question about DIMM slot. Is it true that each slot is not equal in strength when it come to memory overclocking ? I have i5-6500 ASUS Z170-A (I know this is budget board ) and 16GB TDZ 3600C17. Only A2 slot will easily boot at 3866 15-15-15-28-1T 1.45V and can pass Super PI 32M / Hyper Pi 32M very very easily (I try both stick of RAM in A2 Slot to check that this is not memory fault). Other slot will not even boot at 3866 whatever timing or no matter how much VCCIO VCCSA VDIMM. Motherboard manual suggest that memory should go into A2 and B2 slot. So I try to max out B2 slot alone but 3733 is already hard to boot. 3600 is actually hard too but thanks to Xtreme Addict guide I try set all slope to 15-1 and now it boot at 3600 every time. But with different slope setting 3733 is still hard to boot and 3866 is still NEVER boot in B2 slot. My motherboard don't have debug code. But try to boot at 3733 and 3866 in B2 Slot will result in QLED quickly pop up at CPU. Any suggestion thanks. :ws:
  15. I manage to solve this problem by updating audio driver to the lastest version. Now I try bumping VCCIO and VCCSA to 1.25V (HWInfo64 show 1.296-1.304V) no crackling noise. Didn't try more than that.
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