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  1. It's been farrr too quiet on the Nvidia O/C'ing scene over here. For someone as passionate about this as me, this is sad. So I am absolutely delighted to see something fresh and exciting over here. Excellent work! On behalf of my friends and I; we all REALLY enjoyed this article. Hope to be able to join you soon. As I just received (not long ago) my Kingpin pot & Hailea Water Chiller ;-) Thanks again. P.S. @Xtreme Addict I've sent you a PM on here and also on Skype; would really appreciate it if you could drop me a quick reply (just so I know you got it). Nick Peyton aka nrpeyton
  2. Hi guys, Anyone else having issues downloading this file? If I navigate to benchmarks, then videocards. Then hit the download link for "GPUPI - 1B" Link here: http://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard and GPUPI - 1B page at hwbot: GPUPI - 1B overclocking records @ HWBOT I just get a blank screen in Chrome, with an error message: "v4.thelooks" from download button. Hope you guys can fix. Thanks, Nick Peyton
  3. Yes, I really do. I find the prospect of getting my system to do something it was never meant to, exciting! Who would think you could get a 4GHZ CPU to 6.1GHZ. And watching the pot bubble away; with the nerve-racking questions: a) have I insulted enough b) is next voltage boost going to be the last (on this CPU) and: a)watching CPU at extreme temperature b)thinking of the effort it took to get it there c)doing something nobody in my entire city has probably done before with their computer maybe: a)fiddling with electronics to get past restrictions There's just something about benching I enjoy. I like pushing the boundaries. I do have a question now: I am thinking of upgrading my CPU. To something newer than my FX 8350. Is there a specific CPU or hardware that has a strong "overclocking community" around it? You know-- like something I can join to feel I am participating in or contributing towards? What CPU/hardware would that be? What would you recommend I get, to have the most fun benching? What is fun to bench? I have really enjoyed doing Dry Ice on my FX 8350, this month & last. (first 2 extreme cooling sessions; ever). I like the idea of buying Ryzen. But I cant decide between a 'Ryzen 1700' or an 'i7 7700k'
  4. ahhh okay.. I see. That makes sense. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.
  5. I included a picture of how it looked after I removed it (at the end of the run). How does that look to you guys?
  6. Yes, definitely. I used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. I spread it all over evenly (then added a "tiny" extra blob in the middle) too; for good measure.
  7. Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-section. Feel free to move or delete if thats the case. (I'd be happy just to get an email helping my issue). Don't know if this is a bug. But I received 4.2 hardware points on Saturday 18th of February for breaking the record for fastest ever CPU Frequency ever recorded, using my specific model of motherboard. The ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer. Here's the link: CPU Frequency overclocking records @ HWBOT Today I was browsing my submissions and I noticed the entry is still listed, I am still in 1st place. Everything remains the same EXCEPT the points I received have vanished? Is this a bug? Very concerned. Thanks, Nick Peyton
  8. Extreme cooling isn't allowed for rookie competitions? Oh, that is a surprise to me; I always assumed the rookie competitions were for inexperienced overclockers, who are just "starting out" with DRY ICE etc. In that case; since I've already taken the plunge and bought all the gear (Kingpin pot e.t.c) then what categorary would I fall under? I am totally lost; I have spent time browsing the site e.t.c but there's a lot to get your head around; and not really sure where I'm meant to go from here. I believed AMD was still a great (fun) platform to bench due to lack of cold bug etc. And because you're likely to get good results. I just "bettered" by last result using my new mobo, got my highest frequency up from 5900 to 6116.05 MHz. Also completed a single-core cine-bench run at 6000 Mhz. I *nearly* completed a multi-core run at the same speed, but it crashed towards the end. Temp jumped from -53c to -13c in a matter of seconds. Crash happened at -13c. Voltage was 1.725v with LLC activated (but on minimum). Bad mount, or would a temp jump like that be expected under Dry Ice? (I was using hwinfo64 to measure socket temp). Thanks for your post. Nick.
  9. Hi, I'm new to hwbot. Just set up my 2nd ever Dry Ice setup (pot mounted & primed) and system powered on at -50. I have an AMD FX-8350. I head over to hwbot, select 'competitions' and looked through all the rookie rumbles. The only competition I can find (currently ongoing) on the "rookie rumbles" is one involving XTC (a benchmark that only runs on intel platforms). Are there no competitions I can participate in just now? I've spent all this time/money setting everything up; now I'm not sure what to do next....? Anyone able to show me the ropes please or, steer me in the right direction, about where to start? Last month (on my 1st ever session) I broke the record for the fastest CPU frequency ever recorded using my old motherboard model (fastest with an ASrock 990FX Killer). <--- that gave me a motivation and a goal. Links: ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer @ HWBOT (top link) (I've now upgraded to the ASrock 990FX Extreme 9 (12+2) phase. A proper O/C'ers board). Where do I go now? Thanks guys. Nick Peyton
  10. I needed 1.7v But highest my mobo actually recorded in hwinfo64 was 1.642v My mobo doesn't allow more than 1.55v. But it does have a "v.core offset" setting. Of up to 150mv. Which got me to 1.7v It was my 1st ever Extreme Cooling experiment; ever -- & I broke the world record for the fastest CPU Frequency ever recorded using my motherboard model (Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer). <--- crappy board I know, but I liked breaking the record (it gave me something to aim for.......! ;-) I'm hoping I never done too bad, considering the board had no LLC and had been abused to a point the VRM jumped around by up to 100mv under load lol. ------------ Now I have the ASROCK 990FX EXTREME9. (I desperately wanted to see if getting a decent board could get me further). The Extreme9 is a 12+2 phase I believe. Not sure what my goal is this time or what I'm actually aiming for tomorrow. I've got 10kg Dry Ice coming, and don't know what to do with it.. lol Thanks :-) Nick Peyton
  11. It's been lifted now, also posted my first submission :-) Thanks again Mr Scott :-)
  12. Anyone from Scotland able to source LN2? I'm 10 miles from Edinburgh, 30 seconds off the A1 in Haddington. email nick.peyton@btinternet.com
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