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  1. Asus GTX980ti Matrix Worldwideshipping, Price 450USD or can accept BTC/LTC/ETH Cryptocurrencies can catch me in whatsupp +79255184445 will ad pics later
  2. yes) exactly) its like epic handjobing) who have iron nerves to run all this stupid benchmark 50-100 times)
  3. Thanks guys! To be honest I dont finally understand what is more stupid benchmark hwbotprime or cinebench)
  4. Thanks) This card can run 1300-1300-3400 with some mods http://oclab.ru/articles/smoke-i-slamms-razgonyayut-nvidia-8800-gts-512-mb-do-1300-mgts-po-yadru need to rebench all our golden VGAs this year
  5. Smoke


    I have one for sale if you need, 100$+shipping
  6. One good chip for sale 6500 4c full stable 05, unigine, 03 etc - 700$ Photo and results will add soon, btw I will be in Taiwan from 29th - 3th
  7. Best score of two past days is World Record in 3DMark06:
  8. We cooked it after benching Also it`s good snacks for beer
  9. BTW real clocks was 1300-3000-1260 cz GPUz dont have correct stps for this type of VGA)))
  10. Rare HW for sale!!! Porpousal to pm! AMD TWKR - 250$ https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/11986605_1202210133128466_7462347247567350145_n.jpg?oh=722104bfbf5379d61be97b30c2f66562&oe=566D3FCF Dont know why but cant upload photos(
  11. Congrad!!! What happened with this world XTU x6 give 161 global points LOL)))
  12. also not working, shows fixed 0,5v or something like this (same like xxbassplayerxx showed on pic)
  13. yes, I scan from HOF Powerboard. no error, just not changing voltage after applying
  14. dont know about 980ti evga but with HOf powerboard its not working
  15. Elmor, can you add this? Device scan 23.07.2015 23:28:05: 0x06 IR3595A same like used Galaxy HOF Powerboard
  16. Smoke

    Rare mem for sale!

    send me massage on fb)
  17. Smoke

    Rare mem for sale!

    Around 8-12-7 2600, long time not bench PSC
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