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  1. thank you! My gpu when below -70º (marked on the thermometer) starts dialing positive temperature (through software) very high (regardless of the voltage used) causing the system to shut down, it gives only to do the work, with temperatures above of -70º. But with the same clocks with -60º or -25º, so I opted for the dry ice that is cheaper and easier to get the LN2, here in my city. Got even larger clocks (2390mhz with 1.32v) but lost a lot of efficiency and when trying to increase the voltage it would shut down ... we'll see in the next session what I can get.
  2. Thanks Ronaldo. VGA to need an e-board power to achieve significant poer flights. I can not find anywhere to buy them. It might be better to acquire a custom GTX 980 TI to achieve better scores on LN2.
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