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  1. non rgb module ^^" same pcb for mem freq. Have only z170m ocf can run 4000Mhz+ c12-11-11-28 with both New+Old pcb ^^"
  2. Ok it work 100% with my 8700K + Mobo Z170M OCF Mod + New BIOS ^O^ Thx Spalve and Nick ^O^....
  3. Im fix cpu ratio x48 in BIOS but it show in OS @ x37 (Win7 64-bit) and Cache is fine. ^___^
  4. LOL it's work Thanks Splave & Nick. i7-8700K + Z170M + BIOS L7.51A (Mod with 2B pencil) But cant fix CPU Ratio wait for Nick Update Microcode ha ha.... (Formula Drive is work but not fix CPU ratio all core) More detail : https://clockemup.com/z170m_ocf_mod_8700k/
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