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  1. hi, i need oficial bios file from this card , i bought it and repair it , but bios file is corrupt , so if anyone have one off this card pls ,share the bios with me ,so i can bench it Thanks all
  2. hi , i need some pics off the bga chip ,in order too make an stencil ,sample too repair my rx vega 56 saphire reference . Iff anyone has the spec off the bga chip and can send me , i offer him an 2 stencil´s . Thanks i hope this is the right place.
  3. hi, the items that are for sale never ben oc´d 1- 3x Noctua 120mm NF-S12A pwm used for about 1 week on my rig before i change too WC ,with box and acessories 2 - asus rampage ii gene, intel Lga 1366/x58 Includes original box, i/o shield and small screen (QR code display needs to rebuild the conector ) 3- Asus M5A97 Evo R2.0 ,amd3+ Includes original box, i/o shield timestamps Prices : 1- 30€ + shipping 2-120€ + shipping 3-40€ + shipping Payment only with PayPal, friends and family or you pay the fees. Private sale, no warranty, no returns.
  4. hi, how much it worths this motherboard - asus maximus hero X (z370) , for 8th and 9 gen cpu´s . https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-X-HERO/overview/ thanks
  5. Lima_PT

    GPu + waterblock

    i´´m on Europe , but i will pm you
  6. pm me with prices off shipping
  7. Lima_PT

    GPu + waterblock

    hi looking for an gpu for my personal pc with waterblock . Gtx 980 ti or above PM me
  8. am3 + board cheap just too run some benchs on my fx 6300 Dead gpu´s too repair or trying vmods etc.
  9. can you send me an pm with pics off the sticks off ram number 3 ?
  10. interested in the 3 boards ,pm sended
  11. Lima_PT

    4790k Europe

    close please , cpu sold
  12. thanks but i did reballing off the graphics chip and works fine
  13. Lima_PT

    4790k Europe

    Nop , only using 4.5 at 1.28vcore with corsair´s h100i v2 (not delided )
  14. Lima_PT

    4790k Europe

    for sale my 4790k used on my own personal desktop . Price: 250 € + plus shipping Paypal fees covered by the buyer
  15. Lima_PT

    Kit of ddr4

    looking for a kit off ddr4 , up too 100€ . gonna be used on my gaming rig . open too offers
  16. Nop @Splave Btw ; i toke the gpu into a guy that does bios mod and chip reballing ,and he says that the problem must be in the gpu chip ,so a reballing is needed , and it costs 45€ , if needs to replace the gpu chip for a new one ,it will be 80€ .
  17. hi , guys these is my problem ,i used the card for several benchs with stock voltagem and clocks. the gpu shows image on boot ,but when arrives too desktop ,it crashes and reboot´s my pc . i´m wondering if flash another bios it will resolve the problem. please video https://youtu.be/sAittiks5gs Thank you
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