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  1. RawZ

    [WTB] GTX2

    Still looking.
  2. RawZ

    [WTB] GTX2

    Long shot... Any one got 2 or 3 sticks available for sale? Missed out on a kit last week annoyingly.
  3. Perfect! Thanks man. Weekend wasted trying to work it out. All fixed. What a random issue!! Edit > Options > Disable title screens between tests
  4. No change. Ha, you'll have to show me. Didn't even know you could.
  5. Thanks! It's got rid of the 128mb issue in x64 XP. However I can only run 1 game test still. Second game test I run still freezes on the loading screen
  6. So something with Z270 chipset? I tried W7, 8.1 & 10. All work fine with 3DM01 & Z270. Just XP not working. Thing is, 8Pack, Dancop Xtreme Addict etc. all have it working.. somehow.
  7. Having a nightmare trying to get 01 working properly. Using Z270 w/ 7700K and XP. With 64-bit XP I got that 128MB memory error when loading 01 up. I did the Affinity trick with enabling 1 core before the error message came up and it fixed it (most times) so I can run the benchmark but after the first benchmark is done and goes to the next one its stays on the loading screen (Game 1 Car Chase H.Detail). I ended up trying 32-bit XP and the error message wasn't present but I still get the loading screen freezing on me when loading the second test. I've manually chosen 1 test only to try and avoid it but when I start my second test it freezes on that screen again. I can only seem to run one benchmark (no matter which game test) and then the second test doesn't load. The system isn't frozen as I can still tab out to task manager where it says 01 isn't responding. This is at both stock and OC. OS' are both full versions, nothing removed. Is it something to do with Z270 you think? (Using MSI TITANIUM).
  8. Z270 XPOWER has ACPI support from BIOS 108. Ha. It didn't occur to me that to install XP I needed to enable "Windows 7 Installation"....
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