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  1. Μπραβο obi, τουμπανο το cascade! Τι θερμοκρασίες παίζεις πρώτο/δεύτερο στάδιο;
  2. Just saw the video before I saw the mention here actually, really cool stuff man well done
  3. wow does cl5 actually work? I guess the SS on ram helps as well, how much would you say it gave you? Well done man!
  4. I honestly thought XtremeAddict's result was never going to be beaten. Awesome, go for 6500 validation :D
  5. obi επιστρέφεις πάλι μετά από σύντομο διάλειμμα;
  6. I remember this thread from back in the day at XS, might be helpful Congratulations @wytiwx awesome results!
  7. Nice one Nikifore! My SS is 3/8hp as well with LittleDevil evap and it does -40*C idle, drops to -27*C at 250W continuous loads. With a QX9650 at 5GHz, I was dropping to around -30*C https://hwbot.org/submission/3669397_george_oc_wprime___32m_core_2_extreme_qx9650_7sec_734ms Then I was waiting for the temp to drop back down to -36 to -37 to complete succesffully the next run. I've had mine for 11 years now and I think rotary is actually the only way to go for a singlestage unit, makes a big difference going from -40 to -55 or -60*C
  8. Very nice stuff congratulations! Can't wait for proper Pi 1M and Pi 32M
  9. I remember back in the day, the first GTLs people used to try at Greek forums, were Advance ~300 for A2 and Advance ~100/Delay ~100 for B2. Awesome run man congrats!
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