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  1. Oh I found chew's run at 1100 7-9-7 with Thuban, I remembered correctly
  2. I had a blast back in the day with 955BE and Giga 890FX UD7 plus some Hypers My scores from XS low clock challenge are not visible anymore because the photos don't exist, but I vividly remember the NB topping at 3100MHz @ 1.45VTT on air. Also my best scores were done at 890-900MHz RAM @ 6-6-5-17 We discussed a lot with chew* back then and he was telling me that for Thuban the best RAM are PSC, because you can push 1100MHz 7-9-7 for example. Bus speed was lower, maybe about 225MHz. I remember some scores at 260MHz but I had a very hard time getting the CPU up there.
  3. Καλά πάνε οι καινούριες μνήμες ε; :D Ωραίος Βάγγο!
  4. I've been looking for quite sometime on ebay, only seen some Corsair 2000 CL8, nothing more. Maybe I'm just not looking correctly
  5. Looking for some good ol' Hypers so that I have some fun with X48 & X58 EU only because of stupid customs... I'm located in Greece and of course I'll cover the shipping costs.
  6. It says single vga single gpu only, so the 6600GT Dual and all that are probably out?
  7. There's no way to overclock the bclk on your mobile platform Only thing you can do on the 5200U is use throttlestop to disable power saving features, enable constantly max turbo multiplier and in general have it pushed to its maximum factory settings all the time. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-throttlestop-guide.531329/ It's been a long time since I've last used it so I don't remember all the settings but the guide should be sufficient enough. If you can't change the maximum wattage allowed and you need to change it for some reason, you can use Intel XTU. I don' think it's needed though. Also if your laptop doesn't have an SSD for whatever reason, please install one, it makes a massive difference.
  8. Another thing I've found about pifast (Stelaras has confirmed it too) is that if you use a really really chopped up windows xp, you actually make it worse. A 150MB Win XP installation is perfect, no less though.
  9. The easiest way to run pifast in real time priority, is to run the hexusFastR shortcut from the rar I've attached No need for PriFinity, Lasso, or any of those tools. Other than that, PiFast pretty much likes what SuperPi does. Priority, affinity, lighten the OS a bit, RAM timings, sometimes also maxmem and a simple copywaza (depending on the platform). Put a folder on desktop that has 700MB files inside, or 1GB, whatever you like and just copy it once to C, then run it multiple times until you get "the best" score. @Leeghoofd is right about the win7 thing too, I've noticed that sometimes, pifast is faster on windows 7 on some platforms. For all the older processors I bench though, I use Windows XP of course. hexusFastR.rar
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