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  1. lol yeah matey, you need a proper screenshot for it to be valid.
  2. Haha what on earth is going on in here Total domination!
  3. Looks like the motherboard won this time. Was it all ok after the delta tried to take a chunk out of it?
  4. Just wait till moose starts running raid 0 semprons
  5. Good stuff as usual El Genieben
  6. That's hilarious
  7. Have it somewhere that doesn't suck. Like Amsterdam. Ya know... for the tulips and culture and stuff....
  8. Building a storage unit specifically for screenshots you aren't submitting Kenny?
  9. CPU-Z falls in line pretty neatly after 07. The 08 spike the product of MOA & GOOC I guess?
  10. Right, that's it. I've had enough. Someone explain to me what this liquid lark is all about lol
  11. Just going to need some Linux benches. Especially if the gap is that significant. Cross platform Source benches with proper verification would be awesome.
  12. Bankmark is too complicated, I say we ban it.
  13. Just remove moose instead. Much easier solution
  14. Never in a Billion Billion Billion Billion years
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