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  1. Too bad i'm not in the top 20, next time maybe ! ­čśë
  2. I spent the evening trying to beat you with a 100Mhz faster CPU, I'm not proud of me. Good job there !
  3. That's what I paid for a brand new one, 1 year ago.
  4. Sorry I forgot the wallpaper can you please remove this from the cup ?
  5. Can you chance my Hwbot.org username from Kansaï to Kansai please ?
  6. Hello, apparently nobody seems to be interested with my problem... Yesterday I tried to create a new account, _Kansaï_ on HWbot.org, everything was fine, and maybe 1 hour later, same issue, impossible to login and access to my account. Please if there is someone to help me in this community...
  7. I find out that even if my account isn't accessible with search, if you replace the "%EF" in the adress tab by "ï", it works... Maybe the fix for my account will be to change my user name replacing "Kansaï" by "Kansai" ? Please tell my if I'm wrong.
  8. I'm still waiting for an answer from richba5tard... My account is still bugged.
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