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  1. Hey man, it was actually AC (7800BTU) with evap dumped in a bucket and some antifreeze flowing over. Glad to see new guys joining, best of luck on the scene :))
  2. Thanks Friends! Cinebench might be worth trying with given setup, although no quad-channel as its mainstream chip.
  3. Quad would certainly help, I'm just cheapass (my only B-Die kit) Those timings are pretty doable on most x299 IMC's with A0 sticks. A2 doesn't seem to like it too much though. It just takes ages to find proper sub's to gain actual effi.
  4. Pot on CPU is made by me (based on otterauge, just improved for mass distribution, GPU is just good ol' T9F :)
  5. I hate this combo!!! Couldnt even connect both k-probes at the same time, so benched 50% blind (guessed if CPU is cold enough and GIGA boards hate me!!) :))))
  6. Sad to see you leave . Hope asus gets similar burial @2minutes ;
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