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  1. Thanks guys! I guess there is just one way to find out if it does run crysis
  2. 3DM11 works fine with latest 5.26 systeminfo. But Firestrike is causing issues -Nwalm also had monitoring disabled (which solves the error) second workaround is to use win 10 and wait for firestrike to load which takes 30+ minutes with Monitoring enabled(monitoring disabled loads normally and works). Win 7, 8, 8.1 and WS12 crash on error mentioned before(during systeminfo scan).
  3. Just realised rules dont specify systeminfo version for Firestrike, only for 3DM 11. Didnt find any other 5.26.xxx except 5.26.809. Older versions worked for me fine too.
  4. Is Systeminfo Monitoring required to have enabled while running 3DM Firestrike? Cannot get past systeminfo scanner stopped working error in every OS if monitoring in 3DM is enabled.
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