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  1. I have a few modern ES mobile CPU's (9th and 8th gen) none of them is unlocked.(even engineering BIOS doesn't help even thou everything is unlocked in it) However I have managed to unlock a few Haswell mobile chips in past using old uCode (there was a bug in old uCode which allowed to unlock Mutliplier beyond usual values).
  2. I'm kinda confused, what AMD GPU is equivalent to Nvidia Titan or RTX GPU? I dont know of any AMD GPU that has enough performance to come even close to proper tuned 1080ti. Please would it be possible to specify what AMD GPU's are not allowed?
  3. No I don't honestly. NVI was used for OC as an substitude for AB. Can you link me to thread where it was discussed? According to HWBOT rules LOD is in allowed optimisation for Firestrike anyway.
  4. Thanks to both Ground and Tagg for the session! Was lots of fun, next time 300+Mhz?! :D
  5. Definitelly! :) Just needs more fine-tunning. TBH im ashamed of this result for the horrible effi. Need to do better :)
  6. For some reason whenever i have enabled LOD, score went down. I will have to do some more testing using D3D overrider (never used before, nor heard of it). As you mentioned score should be over 300K easy, if i knew what am I doing wrong :)) Never had this effi issue with LOD before on Kepler/Maxwell, only with Pascal GPUs. Any ideas will be appreciated
  7. Thats a lovely chip! :D Highest post i've personally seen was 7.92GHz (on this one).
  8. Oh damn, it fell down from shelf, let me put it back up :)
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