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  1. Thanks to both Ground and Tagg for the session! Was lots of fun, next time 300+Mhz?! :D
  2. Definitelly! :) Just needs more fine-tunning. TBH im ashamed of this result for the horrible effi. Need to do better :)
  3. For some reason whenever i have enabled LOD, score went down. I will have to do some more testing using D3D overrider (never used before, nor heard of it). As you mentioned score should be over 300K easy, if i knew what am I doing wrong :)) Never had this effi issue with LOD before on Kepler/Maxwell, only with Pascal GPUs. Any ideas will be appreciated
  4. Thats a lovely chip! :D Highest post i've personally seen was 7.92GHz (on this one).
  5. Oh damn, it fell down from shelf, let me put it back up :)
  6. I've got back to the CPU recently. It does 4.7Ghz, 1.416v(real voltage) with Air cooling (Noctua U12S). Max BCLK was around 220Mhz with R II E, im not that experienced with X58 thou, so its possible it would go a bit further.
  7. Hey Ocvt! In case of modern Intel platform, it is just PCH (platform controller hub), which has very low TDP (around 5w), and heat can be dispersed through PCB itself. Especially when you are using LN2, it makes stuff much easier to insulate from moisture. For example Z270 PCH has trip point on 127c, i would just suggest staying below 85-90c, and u should be safe. For example my laptop with C246 PCH (basically Z270) has also no heatsink/heatspreader and runs no problem with PCH below 80c after whole day of testing.
  8. Hello Ocvt! It is true, that Teslas prefer cold before Voltage, on my GTX280 i was able to run FullPot without any ColdBug/ColdBootBug (just needed to remove Thermal monitoring IC). If i remember correctly I was running below 1.45v on the GPU, will yet need to re-bench it because my MOBO frosted all over and i lost all PCie lanes except x1... haha 🤣 : http://hwbot.org/submission/3902852_shaggysvk_3dmark_vantage___performance_geforce_gtx_280_21341_marks
  9. we have figured out, the bug is just showing max x47 multi instead of x27 but CPU still works on x27. found out after the benching, so couldn't really do much at that point. Like Tagg mentioned correct frequency is 3861MHz.
  10. Thanks man! Honestly i don't know how the CPU does on ambient. Only tested it with LN2.
  11. Thank you Definitely will learn it soon, and also thank you for support yesterday!
  12. Oh very nice, looking forward results with your CPU i have yet to learn how to get my CPU to 7Ghz.
  13. Thanks, yes 3DM 03/05 will need CPU cold. also the GPU has still some headroom, i had only 5-7L of LN2 for benching, will definitelly re-run soon!
  14. Thanks man! No honestly i havent tried XP on z370, also i did not manage to get LOD working, even thou it worked previously. If u have any recommendations would try them out, GPU is still working and also have few more liters of LN2. LOD was also reason i didn't bother much with 01 and Aquamark, the scores were baaad.
  15. Hey guys, i have recently spent lots of time figuring out vMod for GTX1060 6GB and also other Pascal uP9509 based GPUs, as this VRM IC doesnt support i2c bus, rather than that it utilizes PWMVID tech. Also BIOS mod isn't that easy on Pascal. Yesterday i managed to find picture with pinout for the VRM IC, also tried vMod on my GTX1060, works just fine, although didn't test yet beyond 1.2v as there was no more time left. GPU seems to scale a bit, managed to get 2180mhz from previous 2100Mhz max. During the weekend will bench the GPU to see what is it capable of, wish me luck If anyone wants to know how to do HW power mod on Pascal, you can just do the same thing as I did> solder 10ohm resistors on top of SMD caps around INA3221. You can also use 0805 SMD resistors, so it wont look as bad, but i dont bother much Hope the IC pinout will help someone also if u have any ideas feel free to share. Will appreciate Happy clockin"
  16. Cool result man, but Titans are not allowed in Challenger DIV I: "The graphics card choice is limited to single GPU graphics cards (excl Titan)."
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